FACT - A Fact of Life

Directed by Masashi Muto from their self titled album.

According to the director, "the masks evoke a mysterious feel to the viewer, but also functions as a medium to put aside all prejudices against the band for being Japanese". [via Fuse]

Papa Roach - Lifeline

Directed by Christopher Sims from the album, Metamorphosis.

Papa Roach has, for better or worse, been around for ten years; they posted a video looking back on it all.

The Rosebuds - Life Like

Directed by Daniel Garcia from the album, Life Like.

Their previous album, Night of the Furies, was a synth filled, dance heavy album; Life Like brings them back to their roots.

The Last Vegas - I'm Bad

From their self titled single.

Last Vegas provides the official music for Kyle Busch Motorsports.


Crocell - Behind The Veil

From the album, The God We Drowned; Camera and editing by Anton Iversen, lightning by Poul Iversen.

They recently signed to Casket Music, inking the deal for their current album.

Elis - Show Me The Way

From the album, Griefshire.

[Update] Thanks Digital, Catharsis is the upcoming album from the band, the video below was released to holdover fans until the CD hits stores.

Doesn't the start of the video remind you of a Guitar Hero concert?


Lil Wayne - Prom Queen

Death Cab for Cutie - Grapevine Fires

Directed by Walter Robot from the album, Narrow Stairs.

The songs throughout the album were centered on certain themes; this one seems to be about the California wildfires.

Bouncing Souls - Airport Security

Directed by from the album, 20th Anniversary Series.

One song per month will be released from their new album, since it is March, this is their third track.

The Ropes - Kitty Get Down

Created by Andi Krop from the album, Be My Gun.

HERO DESTROYED - Cause for Cancer

Directed by Rick Mauck from their self titled album.

bibleblack - Bleed

Directed by Owe Lingval from the album, The Black Swan Epilogue.

The Von Bondies - Pale Bride

Directed by Anthony Garth from the album, Love, Hate and Then There's You!.

Beast - Mr. Hurricane

Directed by Ben Steiger Levine from their self titled album.

The River Phoenix - 5 Wheel Drive

Directed by Jakob Printzlau from the album, Ritual.

A Plea for Purging - Malevolence

Directed by Andy Reale from the album, Depravity.


Julien K - Kick The Bass

Directed by Ryan Rickett from the album, Death to Analog

Fires Of Rome - Set in Stone

Directed by Matthew Lessner from the album You Kingdom You

Kilians - Said And Done

From the album They Are Calling Your Name

Kilians - Said And Done

Lydia - I Woke Up Near The Sea

From the album Illuminate

Max Morgan - Wait for Me

Directed by Evan Lane from the album Interrupting The Silence

Future Of The Left - The Hope That House Built

Directed by Casey Raymond and Ewan Jones-Morris from their as of yet untitled second album

The Big Pink - Velvet

Directed by Rob Hawkins from their self titled album

EKTOMORF - It's Up To You

From the album What Doesn't Kill Me.

Purchase the album and recieve the chance to win a ZOLTÁN SIGNATURE CAREER GUITAR.

The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations

Directed by Kevin Custer from the album, The '59 Sound.

"I'da Called You Woody, Joe," from their first album, Sink or Swim was included in the tracklisting for the EA Black Box game, Skate 2.

Ivoryline - Days End

Directed by Andy Reale from the album There Came A Lion

Motley Crue - White Trash Circus

Directted by P.R. Brown from the album Saints of Los Angeles.

Parlor Mob - Hard Times

Directed by Michael Maxxis from the album And You Were A Crow