Attack In Black eyeing Liberties video

Directed by Marc Ricciardelli from the album, Years (by One Thousand Fingertips).

An alternate universe where childhood games can lead to painful conclusions. And also a place where the street corner based food cart serves food on par with 5 star restaurants, though in a stomach turning form. The final destination franchise would love to have this director on hand, a blade in an apple?(Most likely a phrase that went over my head but still gruesome to depict)

Attack in Black | Dane Alone Records


Friendly Fires eyeing Kiss of Life video

Directed by Chris Cottam from the album, Friendly Fires(re-release version).

According to a UGO interview, the band's first performance at a birthday party was shut down and they were replaced by a DJ.

Vibrant music video that reflects the theme present in the backing track. The dancing procession behind Macfarlane draw the eye with their colored outfits versus the dull colors the band wears, reverse for most videos. Maybe the costume designer was asked to do so to keep us from watching Macfarlane dance(try?) He does pretty well, with the strange shimmy he does at the three minute mark one of a couple exceptions. Simple clip that does what it needed to do, nothing more can be asked.

Bowling For Soup eyeing My Wena video

From the album, Sorry for Partyin'.

Jaret Reddick(vocals) is part of comedy troupe called Fourth Wall Comedy. Fans can see him and the group out of their base in Denton, Texas.

Wow, this video is just, wow... For some reason I didn't notice the title of the song and after the first couple seconds, it clicked. A self gratuitous song about the male member that I'm surprised I've never come across. Who would've known that Wena likes fish tacos? All in all, hilarious clip.