Bad Veins eyeing Gold and Warm video

Directed by Benjamin Davis from the album, Bad Veins.

Bad Veins are rising quickly in the music world. While opening for another band, that band liked them so much that they shopped them around and some weeks later, they had a record deal. So far they have only over a dozen shows in their young careers and they have already played with the likes of Silversun Pickups and Apples in Stereo.

Simple, extremely simple video with only one scene and two people. Yet it works, the band gives off enough energy and the on screen lyrics keep one watching.

Lord Cut Glass eyeing Look After Your Wife video

Directed by Tobias Feltus from the album, Lord Cut Glass.

“If Lord Cut-Glass was a political leader he’d be more dictator than democrat."

Great art style with guys riding pigs and female heads in cages, great fun for all. Most of the video is literal and therefore easy to follow, until we reach the last minute when actions seems to be randomly happening on screen. Some guys would love to have that paper bag...