D.O.A. eyeing Police Brutality video

Directed by Marcus Rogers from the album, Northern Avenger.

There have been 18 individuals to perform under the name D.O.A. Northern Avenger in 2008 in celebration of the band's 30th anniversary.

The track and video were created in response to the death of a Polish man who was tasered to death by police. For some reason a video or song that was dedicated to such acts released in the U.S. doesn't come to mind. It's also sad that such incidents happen and things get swept under the rug. Maybe that's why people stopped bothering with public outcries here.


Aloha from Hell eyeing Can You Hear Me Boys video

From the album, No More Days to Waste.

The German group won the best new band award last year, sponsored by the local Bravo magazine. The contest win came along with a record deal with Sony BMG and No More Days to Waste their debut album. Straying from the likes of other German acts like Tokio Hotel and Panik, the band will be releasing their music in English.

Childlike romp through city streets adds to the pop aspect of the track. If someone were to play the video on MTV right now, which is impossible since they don't play music videos, they would mistaken for just another flicker on the pop rock scene.


Alestorm eyeing Keelhauled video

Directed by Silvan Büge from the album, Black Sails at Midnight.

No Quarter featured on Black Sails at Midnight was a track originally written under the band's former name, Battleheart. The band changed their name before signing to Napalm Records because of the similarity to the name of another group, Battlelore.

Another pirate themed metal group, though these versions look grittier than the others. Storytelling is fundamental when in these themed bands, reminds one of country music and there endless cries about their lost sheep. Captivating throughout, though it is straight out of the "Pirate Chants and How to Perform Them" handbook.

Loudness eyeing Hit the Rails video

From the album, The Everlasting.

Akira Takasaki and Munetaka Higuchi formed Loudness in 1981, the first Japanese metal band with a record deal in the United States. Munetaka Higuchi passed away late last year after a long struggle with liver cancer.

No matter how old rockers get, they can still do their thing...

Sorrowful Angels eyeing Denial video

Directed by Bob Katsionis from the album, Ship In Your Trip.

The Greek/Polish band was formed in 1999 and in 2002 managed to play along the likes of Crossover and Deviser at the Chania Festival. Band turmoil led to members taking a hiatus but they reformed in 2009 for their first album release, Ship In Your Trip.

Not sure why they decided to dress the ladies in the contrasting colors black and white. For most that means good and evil, in this case they both seem to be after the same thing, which tends to be on the evil side. In such a situation one wonders what's making it such a hard decision to make.


Izegrim eyeing Point Of No Return video

Video produced by Arno Zuidgeest from the Point Of No Return EP.

Izegrim were nominated for a metal female voice award in Belgium. The awards are sponsored by Metal Female Voice Fest, a festival that focuses on highlighting female singers in the metal genre.

Screamo chicks are few and far between in the metal world. Good idea of whoever was holding the camera to make sure that once you were finished watching the video, you will always remember her face.



Sing It Loud eyeing Come Around video

Directed by Luke Asa Guidici from the album, Come Around.

Sing It Loud played seven shows before signing to Epitaph records. "I honestly don't know why [Epitaph label head] Brett [Gurewtiz] signed us; we were so bad," said Kieren Smith(guitar) on the band's Myspace page.

A campy style drama that is supposedly hilarious. Not so much, though it's obviously directed at a very narrow demographic. One that requires every single item in their videos to be labeled so as to avoid any confusion. Is that a briefcase or some strange watchamacallit?

In This Moment eyeing Call Me video

Directed by Nathan T. Heys from the album, The Dream- Special Edition.

Some random In This Moment trivia. Maria Brink's(vocalist) first tattoo was of an infinity sign, symbolizing the connection between Maria and her son. Sheri Bodell creates the dresses Maria wears on stage, though she sometimes creates her own from vintage shop purchases. [changetherecord]

Taking a cue from the original Blondie music video, Maria lies seductively on a round bed belting out the band's cover version. As with the original, the backing instruments are thrown in through performance footage. These shots feature green screen work that look like they were left to the last minute. The blurred edges on the white background are quite distracting when the video just cut from the standalone shots of Maria. Few times where you have a cover song and video...


Gene Dante and The Future Starlets eyeing A Madness To His Method video

Directed by Michael Pope from the album, The Romantic Lead.

Gene Dante has been nominated for a Best Male Vocalist award for the radio station WFNX, The Phoenix. Fans can vote for him here. Sweet harmonies and seen it all lyrics combine to form the Gene Dante and The Future Starlets sound.

Looks like someone is trying to bring the glam rock lifestyle back into the mainstream. Too bad its featured in a manner that makes it seem like some sort of social disease. This portrayal would have the likes of Kiss scratching their heads. Has their way of life been scrubbed out of media? Looks like it.


Green Day eyeing 21 Guns

Directed by Marc Webb from the album, 21st Century Breakdown.

Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic called Green Day's latest release their best work so far. He describes their work as "real punk," though some other critics have noted the band's latest work is treading in the pop rock waters. Drummer Tré Cool did mention that although punk rock is their mainstay, they pulled the essence of classic rock and roll during witting.

A track from the final act of the three act arch that is "21st Century Breakdown." This is the first video to feature the two central characters of the concept album, Christian and Gloria. The realities of war are literally taking place around the couple, with bursting chairs and hole strewn walls. Throughout the chaos, they remember each other and even have a chance to hug and kiss for a scene straight off the album cover.

mewithoutYou eyeing The Fox, The Crow and the Cookie

Directed by Amy Carrigan and David Bell from the album, It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright.

The Fox, The Crow, and the Cookie is one of many stories in Bawa Muhaiyaddeen's book My Love You My Children: 101 Stories for Children. mewithoutYou's latest album delves into and explores the teachings of the Sufi mystic.

The childlike stage and puppets in the video go hand in hand with the themes of the song and who they would be directed toward. The Sufi mystic's book is basically a "right or wrong" template for kids to learn, making the visual interpretation an easy fit for a "Sesame Street" segment.