Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way - Safe and Sound: If not for the simple fact that the song was written for "Final Fantasy", any time artists of such caliber collaborate, it usually yields great work.
Frances - Cold Water: The director's concept of combining split screens into one frame is a great visual, and again such great looking work for a low price.
Mojave - Lights Out: A great visual for the occasion that was Earth Hour and also for the upcoming Earth Day; every little thing helps.
Tiny Masters of Today - Skeletons: The fact that they are so young and don't sound like your typical Disney cookie-cutter kid band is great to hear, at least they have their own direction.
Ace Enders and a Million Different People - The Only Thing I Have (The Sign): Great laid back tune with great visuals of the kid changing through all the clothes which really added to the message of the song.
FACT - A Fact of Life: This video was posted during the first week of March, therefore not a pick of the week but more of a special mention. As the post describes, the director put masks on the groups faces, "to put aside all prejudices against the band for being Japanese". Personally it shouldn't be necessary, regardless of where we are from, we all need some distorted electric guitar in our lives.


Crystal Antlers eyeing Andrew

Directed by Michael Reich from the album, Tentacles.

Crystal Antlers' vocalist Johnny Bell is a certified Sea Scout, which is the water based division of the Boy Scouts.

Almost looks like everyone's playing everything...

Sparks The Rescue eyeing Autumn

From the album, Eyes To The Sun.

Sparks The Rescue was signed to Fearless Records on March 11, 2009.

A rare sight, a jump into a split by a rock lead...


Ace Enders and a Million Different People eyeing The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)

From the album, When I Hit The Ground.

In December 20008, Ace Enders released a cover of The Verve's Bitter Sweet Harmony on iTunes with all the proceeds going to VH1's Save The Music Foundation.

Flashback to simpler times...

Syconaut eyeing Blindfolded

Directed by Martin Holtmann from the album, Burst Into Life.

The band got their first chance to play in front of a large crowd at the 2004 2000 Decibel festival a showcase of Swedish Hard Rock and Metal.

Was he being killed or exorcised???


Jay Reatard eyeing DOA

Directed by Erik Carter from the album, Matador Singles '08.

Jay Reatard's career began when he was only fifteen years old.

The owl's definetly not having any fun...


Enforcer eyeing Black Angel

From the album, Into the night .

When asked by the Swedish Rock Magazine about their musical style being old school, they responded, it's heavy metal therefore timeless.

Michael Jackson's Thriller outfits found a home...

The Riot Before eyeing We Are Wild Stallions

From the album, Fists Buried In Pockets.

Can't be put better as posted on their Myspace, "There's an occasional touch of emo, but not enough to make me vomit. - readjunk.com".

Now that's what you call a close group of fans...


War From A Harlots Mouth eyeing Crooks At Your Door

Directed by Florian Freund from the album, In Shoals.

Their Myspace reads, "This is band, not a bunch of rockstars..."

Cheap shot with the over the head bottle smash...

Frances eyeing Cold Water

Directed by Sherng-Lee Huang from the album, All The While.

"Frances began as a collection of relatively stark breakup songs written by Paul Hogan (vocals, keyboard) while he worked toward his doctorate of music in New York City". [Gigantic Music]

Still can't believe you can make such great looking work for the price...

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard eyeing To Be Objectified

Directed by Jack Ferry from the album, Em Are I.

In 2007 Jeffrey Lewis released, Jeffrey Lewis: 12 Crass Songs, an album covering the punk band Crass reworked into "glorious folk, rock, psychedelic, orchestral and electronica productions which dazzle the ear while losing none of the political power of the originals". [Jeff's Bio]

Can never go wrong with rotoscope...

Franklin for Short eyeing Fast and Soft

Directed by James Spruill from the album, Swell.

"Living off a diet of burritos, coastal fog and reverb, the band has been incubating their latest release Swell for the past year and a half". [Beehouse Records]


Black Lips eyeing I'll Be With You

Directed by Ed Tegethoff from the album, 200 Million Thousand.

The band made their American television debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in October 2007 and they are offering I'll Be With You free here.

Strange looking puppet...


Viking Skull eyeing Hair of the Dog

Directed by Bam Margera from the album, Doom Gloom Heartache & Whiskey.

The band started out as a fake support act for Raging Speedhorn in the UK.

Wonder if Jackass is ever coming back...

Tera Melos eyeing Hey Sandy

Directed by Behn Fannin from the EP, Idioms Vol. I.

The math rock band's EP of covers which the band is offering for free here, consists of songs that vocalist Nick Reinhart felt influenced the band.

Mom's plate, hilarious...

Tiny Masters of Today eyeing Skeletons

Directed by Jason Oliver Goodman from the album, Skeletons.

Tiny Masters of Today is composed of Ivan age 15 and Ada, age 13.

Litereally having skeletons in your closet...


Sebastien Grainger eyeing Who Do We Care For?

Directed by Graydon Sheppard from the album, Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains.

All parts on the record were performed by Sebastien except for a tracks.

Some nice fire/high speed camera work...

Company of Thieves eyeing Oscar Wilde

Directed by Jason Hinkle from the album, Ordinary Riches.

In 2007 the band won New York's Songwriters Circle contest for Oscar Wilde.

Extra points if you knew that the video was related to a movie...

Hey Monday eyeing How You Love Me Now

From the album, Hold On Tight.

The band will be peforming alongside the likes of Fall Out Boy and Third Eye Blind at the 2009 Bamboozle.

Shouldn't that be a roughing the passer call...

Sky Eats Airplane eyeing Numbers

From their self titled album.

Lead singer Jerry Roush was a model before joining the band.

All of a sudden I'm not that hungry...

Mojave eyeing Lights Out (Earth Hour Live)

From the album, Stories.

According to the band's website, Mojave was a side project for two members of the Vancouver bands Damselfly and Latitude and they are focused on creating a green music scene which includes Stories being offered only through digital retailers. Download Lights Out here. [Link provided on band's website]

Feels like I'm saving the Earth, just by watching it...

[Thanks Mojave]

Lacuna Coil eyeing Spellbound

Directed by Saku from the album, Shallow Life.

The Loudpark Festival of 2007 was the first time Lacuna Coil played in Japan

Cool bass pluck...


Lion's Share eyeing Judas Must Die

Directed by Josef Doukkali from the album, Dark Hours.

Two, their second released album was hailed as a melodic metal masterpiece.

War what good is it for...

Dreadnaught eyeing The Push

From the self titled album

"This latest LP is departure from the more rock orientated releases of previous years..." [Source]

That's Dreadnaught at the end right?

Trigger the Bloodshed eyeing The Great Depression

From the album, The Great Depression.

According to their record label's "about me" page, they are considered the heaviest band in the UK. [MetalBlade]

That must be the sound cracking the camera lens...

Kyosuke Himuro ft. Gerard Way eyeing Safe and Sound

Directed by Tetsuya Nomura and Takeshi Nozue from the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete film.

Himuro was former lead singer for the Japanese rock band Boøwy while Gerard Way is lead singer for My Chemical Romance. They both worked on the vocals and production for the song, making it Gerard's first song away from the band.

Party rain or shine...

[via Wordlife and AndriaSang]


Saliva eyeing How Could You

Directed by Scott Culver from the album, Cinco Diablo.

Lead singer Josey Scott played Rodney Gronbeck, in the now cancelled TNT show, Wanted.

He'll have one interesting cheating story to tell his buddies...

Static-X eyeing Stingwray

Directed by Nathan Cox from the album, Cult of Static.

This will be the first time a Stingwray album does not have a title track.

Did Lara Croft make a cameo in the video because those shorts look familiar...

Burn Halo eyeing Dirty Little Girl

Directed by Nate Weaver from their self titled album.

The band had originally completed their album with Island Records to be released last year, Island nixed the album, and luckily for fans Rawkhead/Warner picked it up.

The line would be ages for a club if everyone walked in like that...

The Scare eyeing No Money

From the album, oozevoodo.

No Money, is being offered free on the band's website here.

The party shots looked like the first bits of Cloverfield...

Luger Boa eyeing On My Mind

From the album, Mutate or Die.

The band recently opened for the Kings of Leon in New Zealand.

The camera likes shaved heads...