Shinedown eyeing The Sound Of Madness

From the album, The Sound of Madness.

Due to constant lineup changes, it is unclear who recorded the tracks on the album since the names in the booklet don't match any current or former members of the band.

Keep your friends close...

Dream Theater eyeing A Rite of Passage

From the album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

The album version for A Rite of Passage is eight and a half minutes long and was condensed to five and a half minutes for the video.

Quite a cast of characters...

The Dears eyeing Disclaimer

Directed by Chris Mills from the album, Missiles.

Natalia Yanchak (keyboards, backing vocals), stated in an interview that their favourite city to perfrom in was Mexico City, Mexico. [Vimby]

Deep in a cave, The Dears perform...


Dredg eyeing Information

From the album, The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion.

Engles (Bass, Synthesizer) and Campanella (Drums, Piano, Organ) met each other while in middle school.

Art in many forms...


Scream Hello eyeing Goodbye (New Brunswick) and Thanks for All the Broken Windshields

Directed by James Spruill from the album, ...The Rest Of.

Some of the bands influences are Stevie Wonder and Death Cab and their interests include Magic: The Gathering.

Upskirt shots and what seem like "Office Space" parodies...

Chris Cornell eyeing Long Gone (Howard Benson Remix)

Directed by Matt Alonzo from the album, Scream.

During the 2008 Projekt Revolution tour, Chris Cornell, one of the performing acts, would join Linkin Park during their performance of Krwlng from the Reanimation album.

Extreme shooting locations...


Great Lake Swimmers eyeing Pulling On A Line

Directed by Isaac Rentz from the album, Lost Channels.

The album, Lost Channels's themes stem from the band's recording location that was located near the Saint Lawrence river in Canada.

Seem like a lot of hidden messages are in here...

Land Of Talk eyeing Some Are Lakes

Directed by José Garcia-Lozano from the album, Some Are Lakes.

Land of Talk are part of the Broken Social Scene music collective.

Are raincoats indoors bad luck???


The Berzerker eyeing All The Things She Said

Their latest album is The Reawakening.

Most of the band's videos have been banned due to the potential of causing epileptic fits (Forever) or horrific imagery (Reality).

Don't worry, the video contains none of both...


U2 eyeing Magnificent

Directed by Alex Courtez from the album, No Line On The Horizon.

The band's time spent in Fez, Morocco aided in making the album more experimental than their previous two and was also the location for the Magnificent video.

Removing the covers from the eyes...

The Sequence eyeing All In

Directed by Kyle Dresser from the In Lights EP.

Former lead singer Matt Carmichael was replaced by Travis Van Hoff after Carmichael decided to leave the band.

All into a Mini Cooper...


Vanguard eyeing Whisper

From the album, Hydralchemy.

Winning at Germany's Wacken Open Air festival gave Vanguard the chance to record their debut album, Succumbra.

Electric cello, interesting...


SafetySuit eyeing Stay

Directed by Zach Merck from the album, Life Left To Go.

12th and Porter, a local bar in Tennessee, was SafetySuit's home base before singing to Universal Records.

All for love, even getting smacked in the face...

Titus Andronicus eyeing Landscape With the Fall of Icarus

Directed by Michael Reynolds from the album, The Airing of Grievances.

"Titus Andronicus crave your approval but will settle for your utter disdain" and have shared the stage with such acts as Matt and Kim.

Whatever's falling out of the house better be safe...


Toxic Holocaust eyeing Nuke The Cross

Directed by Jamie Robilard from the album, An Overdose of Death...

"If this is the sound of a post-nuclear world, then bombs away!" [MySpace]

Not a flaming guitar, a flaming wrist...



Arizona eyeing The Glowing Bird

Filmed by Doug Fellegy from the album, Glowing Bird.

Guitarist Benjamin Wigler's only musical theory study involved analyzing guitar harmonies on Metallica's ...And Justice For All album.

Unfiltered video for a clean song...

The Audition eyeing My Temperature's Rising

From the album, Self-Titled Album.

Self-Titled Album is the band's first release since the depature of Joe Lussa, founding member and bassist. Catch My Temperature's Rising free download here.

Can't sink to the kids' level...

Chimaira eyeing Destroy And Dominate

Directed by Todd Bell from the album, The Infection.

Destroy and Dominate debuted in front of a live audience at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Scolding hot performance...


Punchline eyeing Ghostie

Directed by Vince Grassi from the album, Just Say Yes.

Just Say Yes, is Modern Short Stories Record's, founded by Punchline's vocalist Steve Soboslai, first release.

Did a lot of thinking in the "Thinking Lounge"...


Incubus eyeing Black Heart Inertia

Directed by Petro from the album, Monuments and Melodies.

After the release of Monuments and Melodies, the band took a break to focus on personal activities; Mike Einziger(guitarist) went to study at Harvard's music school.

Captured the wrong moment...

Polly Scattergood eyeing Please Don't Touch

Directed by Blair Young from the album, Polly Scattergood.

The yellow unicorn jumper Polly Scattergood wears in the video was a special order from the manufacturer, because after seeing it once in the store, it was gone when she came back to buy it.

Empty streets...

Saving Abel eyeing Drowning (Face Down)

From the album, Saving Abel.

After a year of shopping their indie EP, the band's work found its way to Virgin Record's CEO, who sent A&R to one of their shows in Tennessee, getting them signed the next day.

Could call him an indie driver...



Torche eyeing Across The Shields

Directed by David “Mr. Ham ‘n Eggs” Kleieler from the album, Meanderthal.

Juan Montoya(guitarist), left the band in 2008, leading Steve Brooks(vocals) to comment that the band will continue as a three piece group.

Are they cute and cuddly or viscous???

Sing It Loud eyeing Don't Save Me

Directed by Mark Staubach from the album, Come Around.

The band was offered a record contract to Epitaph records after playing only seven shows together.

Fandom at its highest...