Sara Lov eyeing A Thousand Bees

Directed by Noah Webb from the album, Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming.

At age four, Sara was "forcibly relocated" by her father and taken to Israel where she lived for ten years. Her uncle then began the process to bring her back to the United States where she was born. Throughout the ordeal, she always saw music as her salvation.

It's fitting that the lyrics to the song center around photographs. The video was shot using stop motion, using over 4,000 photos. It's a time consuming process but the end result tends to be entertaining. Allows inanimate objects to come to life, like the dancing drawers. A freaky world where deer chase their own tails...


This Providence eyeing Letdown

Directed by Mark Staubach from the album, Who Are You Now?

The entire This Providence group cannot whistle. Who Are You Now? is also the band's third album.

Teen life, simple yet complicated...

God Forbid eyeing War Of Attrition

Directed by Ian McFarland from the album, Earthsblood.

Doc Coyle(guitarist) doesn't like shooting music videos, especially performance videos because, "you have to head bang for 10 hours in a row, fake play your songs, and you don't even know if all the work will pay off with an awesome video". Though he did like working with Ian McFarland and knows that as Dave Chappele said, "everything looks better in slow motion."

Can really feel the screams...



The Maccabees eyeing Can You Give It

Filmed by James Caddick from the album, Wall of Arms.

Wall of Arms is The Maccabees, whose name came from a random pick in the bible, second album. It was produced by Markus Darvs, who has worked with Coldplay and Bjork.

The music video, which is more of a documentary, highlights the perils of the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling event held annually in England. The interview at the beginning brings a personal touch, urging him to win when the time comes in the latter parts of the clip. The sportsmanship and courage (craziness?) that it takes to run down that hill is commendable. Too bad you don't get much out of it...



Paper Route eyeing Carousel

Directed by Olivier Groulx from the album, Absence.

The songs on the album were not necessarily new to the band when added to the final compilation. Some were two years old and others were created before the band played their first show. [Stereosubserversion]

Can never see the band with all the washed out light around them. Were they trying to go for a ghost like feel because of the ending?

Europe eyeing Last Look At Eden

Directed by Patric Ullaeus from the album, Last Look At Eden.

The Swedish band which formed in 1979 is releasing their eighth album, Last Look At Eden. The band described it as modern rock retro rock, taking new directions but keeping a 70s vibe.

Modern stage setup yet retro camera workmanship. That's one talented DJ...


Regina Spektor eyeing Eet

From the album, Far.

A mystery person has been posing as Regina on twitter. Her record label thought it was her and the fake account even made it onto the London Times "top twitters" list. She also doesn't have a Facebook account.

The video and the song are both an interesting take on the mimicking everyone does when they forget the lyrics to a song. One word, in this case "eet," can fill an entire song that one has not quite grasped. Unlimited paper in the middle of nowhere...

The Ropes eyeing Clubs in Europe Forever

Filmed by Andi Krop and The Ropes from the EP, The Clubs in Europe Forever.

The Ropes is a two member band consisting of Shy and Top. Vocalist Sharron Shy's favorite drink is water, she writes her own songs and Sharon Shy is her real name. Multi-instrumentalist Top's eyes are blue or according to Photoshop #55717C.

Video looks like a subliminal propaganda film with the flashing words, some that you can't really catch. Peace or else, Europe dance fever...



Mika Miko eyeing I Got A Lot (New New New)

Directed by Dean Spunt and Lana Kim from the album, We Bu Xuxa.

Mika Miko has a large discography, though they prefer fans to see them live. “Performing live is what you want to do as a musician,” says Jennifer Clavin[vocals]. “But without a record, you know, it’s difficult,” Jessica interjects. “People want to take that home and listen to it.” [Clashmusic]

Video feels like it came out of the heydays of punk. They were outside....

Kings of Leon eyeing Notion

From the album, Only By the Night.

Only a couple of days after the release of their third album, Because of the Times, lead singer Caleb Followill stated that new tracks were already on tap for their fourth outing. That album, Only By the Night went on to be the best selling album of 2008 in Australia.

True story potential seems to have been missed in the video. The lead walks against traffic and ends up at a burning building. One would think he's trying to save someone but it never comes. Even the band playing in the exploding building seems nonsensical, but its good eye candy for the Michael Bay fans. Looks like they don't make it out...


Amberian Dawn eyeing He Sleeps In A Grove

From the album, The Clouds of Northland Thunder.

After the breakup of the band Virtuocity, some of its members came together to form the Finnish band Amberian Dawn. Their search for a female lead vocalist lead them to Heidi Parviainen formerly of Iconoclear in 2006.

The story section of the video is extremely sparse. Did the rider get him?

Paul Dempsey eyeing Out The Airlock

Directed by Bart Borghesi from the album, Everything Is True.

Paul Dempsey is lead singer for the Australian band Something For Kate. Everything Is True is his first album as a solo artist.

Sometimes the video had a "Godzilla" feel to it with Paul towering over the city but in the end the final product was relaxing. His placement into the faux background was done well, it would have been nice if he did more than walk. Maybe interact with the townspeople or something along those lines. Train never comes...


Howling Bells eyeing Cities Burning Down

From the album, Radio Wars.

The band was formed in 2004 from the remnants of Waikiki, an Australian rock group. They are opening for Coldplay during the North American leg of the Viva La Vida tour.

Green screen is put to good use. The band members don't do much except pretend ride their motorcycles and play. Wolf...

Attack Attack! eyeing Stick Stickly

From the album, Someday Came Suddenly.

Someday Came Suddenly is the band's debut album. They are known to have both hardcore and trance elements in their music. They used their repertoire on the Punk Goes Pop 2 album performing Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl.

Looks like the band tries their hardest to be the first choreographed headbangers. Even some of the jumps are strangely in unison. Then the running man is employed during the trance section. Look out Usher...


Micachu and The Shapes eyeing Golden Phone

Directed by Conan Roberts from the album, Jewellery.

"One of the highlights from Micachu & The Shapes acclaimed debut album Jewellery is Golden Phone. The song harnesses a multitude of sounds – vocal looped beats, mica sighing, electro-static squawks, keyboards being dropped – and fuses them into 24 carat pop gold". [Rough Trade Records]

Fun and energetic like the song itself. The have the shapes literally on stage...



The Sounds eyeing No One Sleeps When I'm Awake

From the album, Crossing the Rubicon.

The Sounds have had a variety of unique ways of advertising their band in the past. Vocalist Maja Ivarsson was named one of Blender Magazine's "Hottest Women of Rock" and fan Dave Grohl(Foo Fighters) wore a The Sounds t-shirt during their music video for Times Like These.

The story portion of the video is short but is pieced together in such a way that you can understand what's going on in the few second glimpses. Perfect place to go makeup, "The Good Friend" restaurant...


Bloodbath eyeing Hades Rising

Directed by Owe Lingwall from the album, The Fathomless Mastery.

Bloodbath is a Swedish metal group consisting of the bands, Opeth and Katatonia. The performance section of the music video was filmed in Vallentuna outside Stockholm, Sweden while the acting sequences were filmed in Umeå .

A dark video, both literally and figuratively. Are they bleeding or sweating? Don't hide the gore in the dark if you're trying to be gory. Priests should not watch T.V....


Iwrestledabearonce eyeing You Ain't No Family

Directed by David Anthony from the album, It's All Happening!!!

"Somehow IWABO’s spastic blending of genres maintains a cohesive sound that draws in listeners from many musical worlds". [CenturyMedia]

The funniest metalcore video that has been posted so far. Starts off with a typical stage performance before turning into a dance off competition, priest selling Bibles in club music video. And the random country riff...