Grizzly Bear eyeing Two Weeks

Directed by Patrick Daughters from the album, Veckatimest.

In 2007, the band played at the Wordless Music Series in New York which Stereogum.com later named as their favorite live show of that year. While opening for Radiohead in 2008, Radiohead's guitarist Jonny Greenwood said Grizzly Bear was his favorite band.

Concept for the video comes out of left field, it all looks benign until the end. For what's happening to them, they are pretty happy...


Gallows eyeing London is the Reason

Directed by Adam Powell from the album, Grey Britain.

Adam Powell on the video, "the intro to the video, all the driving and 'The Rats' running was shot over a number of days in various locations around London but the main barricade fight scene was shot on one freezing cold pissing wet day in deepest darkest South London". [RockSound]

There is no dialogue spoken but all the emotion can be felt in the faces of the characters. The sneer the kid has before the big attack is priceless. Are taxis mob vehicles in London?

Regina Spektor eyeing Dance Anthem of the 80s

From the album, Far.

Regina Spektor studied the piano at the Manhattan School of Music until age 17. She toured for the first time nationally in 2003 with The Strokes and even made a musical contribution to the 2008 release The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian with The Call.

One has to be an interesting person to pull off this kind of video. The camera is set up in front of a house and that's it. It all consists of Regina running around with a yellow boombox, and one could still watch the whole thing. Are those palms in a place where trees lose leaves?


Brian Bonz eyeing Dee the Dinosaur

"The video speaks [to the idea that] some people don't just grow up." The song was inspired by Bonz's best friend who after a night of wandering around for drugs, was found beaten. If childhood was this stressful, we would be dying much earlier. Great emotion from the kids...

The Phantom Band eyeing The Howling

From the album, Checkmate Savage.

Checkmate Savage is The Phantom Band's debut album. On the title it refers to the over population of man and mass sexual repression, "its checkmate for the human animal." [Chemikal]

Through all the drinking and the sexual harassment, the video ends up with a message, beware the destruction of natural resources. Not sure what the character was drinking because seeing things after drinking is not normal. The first person view keeps the viewing experience interesting, but fighting with a homeless person for a drink? Guy needs help...


Left Alone eyeing Sad Story

From the album, Left Alone.

Left Alone are a "three-chord punk rock with ska and just a dash of country to create a unique sound all their own." The band was formed in 1996 in Wilmington, California.

The colors are blinding...


Jason Lytle eyeing I Am Lost

Directed by The General Assembly from the album, Yours Truly, The Commuter.

Grandaddy, Jason Lytle's former band, split up in 2006, making Yours Truly, The Commuter, his first solo album. The band sighted lack of money and mainstream success as cause for their breakup.

The way the slow motion was used in the video makes one dread. Dread that something went wrong somewhere and details need to be examined at every minute. Should be watched at least twice, the camera tends to hang around certain things. Did he do it?


British Sea Power eyeing Come Wander With Me

Directed by Robert J. Flaherty from the album, Man of Aran.

Man of Aran is a 1934 docufiction (combination of fiction and documetary) about the lives of characters living on the Aran Islands, off the western coast of Ireland. The Man of Aran album will accompany a DVD of the film with British Sea Power's tracks as the score.

Not the usual easy going nature that comes to mind when one thinks of an island. Relaxing on an island, breaking rocks, great vacation deals await...


Tortoise eyeing Prepare Your Coffin

Directed by Andrew Paynter and JUICE from the album, Beacons of Ancestorship.

Tortoise's music is almost entirely instrumental, being one of the first bands to incorporate jazz styles in indie rock versus rock and roll elements. Their third album TNT is a great example of their jazz influenced rock. Beacons of Ancenstorship is their first album in five years.

Minimalism at its maximum, no lyrics and no color are present in Paynter's video. The interesting shapes and shadows shine when viewed in the HD version. Would really like to know the location for the shoot...



The Answer eyeing Tonight

From the album, Everyday Demons.

The Answer was founded by Paul Mahon, guitarist, who on a recent flight to Tokyo found that Joe Frazier might be his favorite heavyweight and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may have gotten him a little emotional.

The good side of life on the road...

[Direct link to video if not loading]


Eyes Set To Kill eyeing Heights

Directed by Chad Archibald from the album, The World Outside.

Eyes Set To Kill was the vision of sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez in 2004. Alexia felt that the band was signed too quickly for their debut album Reach and that The World Outside has had time to "breathe and evolve."

Film stock getting dislodged, get used to it. At the two minute mark, is that some kind of monkey rock pose...


Crystal Stilts eyeing Love is a Wave

Directed by Army of Kids from single, Love is a Wave.

"Some folks complain that they cannot understand Brad Hargett's lyrics, but pop lyrics are typically a disappointment". [Pitchfork] Frankie Rose (drummer) was a former member of Vivian Girls.

Summer monkey love...


Swashbuckle eyeing Cruise Ship Terror

Directed by David Brodsky from the album, Back to the Noose.

Commodore RedRum (guitarist) and Admiral Nobeard (vocalist/guitarist) came up with idea for a pirate themed thrash metal band while in line for shrimp at Red Lobster. They recorded their first demo before recruiting Captain Crashride as their drummer also know in pirate speak as skins-n-sticks.

Strange that they didn't keep consistency by using the "pirate" effect throughout all the scenes shot. Coincidence of the timing of the release with the resurgence of pirates cannot be missed. Yo Ho!


Drowning Pool eyeing Shame

From the album, Full Circle.

After September 11th, their song Bodies was banned from the radio due to fear of bad taste because of the line, "Let the bodies hit the floor". "As an example of things coming full circle, the group was invited to Baghdad by the USO on the fifth anniversary of that tragic day to play the song for a group of grateful, enthusiastic troops stationed there".

The sweeping distortion effect gave the sequences it was used a lot of energy. Keeping the guitar solo section basic, a simple walk off to the side gave the guitarist his time in the light. She's stapling his...


EVOCATION eyeing Tomorrow Has No Sunrise

Directed by René U Valdes from the album, Dead Calm Chaos.

The Swedish band formed in 1991 and by 1993 was considered one of the most interesting Death Metal performers from the country. That same year the band went on hiatus and started rehearsing again in 2005.

Might need to go get that checked out...


Suckers eyeing Easy Chairs

Directed by Craig Hubbard & Vin Paneccasio from the EP, Suckers.

"Suckers merged as the sound and aesthetic of three one-man bands playing together. Pan, Quinn and Austin each played multiple instruments per song: singing, shouting and chanting in unison". They have been seen singing in unison sharing the stage with such acts as MGMT, Awesome Color and Chairlift.

The Rorschach test inspired imagery makes you want to watch the video over and over again to see what might have been missed. Those whose minds are not on the level plane will probably find a lot of enjoyment. Horse gills...


Rise Against eyeing Hero of War

Directed by Meriert Avis from the album, Appeal to Reason.

"Hero Of War is the story of one soldier, not all soldiers, as he battles not just the war around him, but the war that rages within. Inspired by true events, we were given the choice to either document the tribulations of these times as they unfold around us, or ignore them. To ignore these problems, in our opinion, is letting down the brave men and women who risk everything". - Rise Against

Video is as gripping as the lyrics themselves, a no holds barred look into the lives of the U.S. military. Stay strong...


Modest Mouse eyeing Satellite Skin

Directed by Kevin Willis from the EP, No One's First and You're Next.

The band planned on releasing the album, Sad Sappy Sucker, as their debut album. Delays caused it to be released in 2001 with three studio albums under their belt.

Stop motion, what can't it do, making birdhouses trying to catch birds. Aliens like eggs in their eyes...

Artillery eyeing 10,000 Devils

From the album, When Death Comes.

The band formed in 1982, helping crafting the thrash metal sound in Denmark. There have been eighteen people who could say they are or have been a member of Artillery including new frontman Søren Adamsen.

Camera movements and band member placement make the video feel much more involved, the shudder effect being a big part of it. Great opening scream...

Alexisonfire eyeing Young Cardinals

Directed by Marc Ricciardelli from the album, Old Crows / Young Cardinals.

One of the members speaks about being in the band. "Even on the worst days of playing in a band, it's still better than the best day at whatever other job I've ever had in my life, whether that was working in some video store, some crappy retail place, or a cherry factory in Southern Ontario". [MusicianGuide] The video was shot on The Maid of the Mist, at the Niagara Falls.

Looks like everyone was having fun, even if being constantly drenched. An intimate performance....

Anti Flag eyeing When All The Lights Go Out

From the album, The People or the Gun.

The band began recording in December 2008 for The People or the Gun. The first track was The Economy is Suffering, Let It Die. Coincidence? While trying to stay economical, the band cut their original batch of 17 songs to 12 songs.

Still saving money by keeping the lighting source singular, the fire. Conveys the intended message in its simplicity, though the bra burning...

The Killers eyeing The World We Live In

From the album, Day & Age.

Brandon Flowers (vocals, keyboard) left the group Blush Response in 2001 after the bandmates decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California. After finding success with The Killers he has shone in the spotlight attaining the "Most Stylish Man" award at the 2008 GQ awards.

Back to nature and still leaving tracks of human disturbance behind. Where to find the chrome toed boots?

Kissing Party eyeing King Graves Rd.

Filmed by Amalgamated Petrochemical Films Division from the album, The Hate Album.

The band's second album, Rediscover Lovers, released in 2007, was named one of Denver, Colorado's top three albums of the year by The Denver Post.

The split-screen film technique is usually used to portray two different angles of a story, a whole other point of view or an extension of a frame like the Frances - Cold Water video. For some reason couldn't really see the use for the approach in this video. "Turn Me Over, Oh Hi That Feels Good"...


Cass McCombs eyeing Dreams-Come-True-Girl

Directed by Aaron B. from the album, Catacombs.

Cass McCombs shies away from the media spotlight, and in turn from fans. He feels that learning about your favorite artist distracts from the essence of the person. And it also doesn't help that he thinks he has the personality of a wet blanket.

Some nice continuity with the use of the low height skateboard shots for shooting some other scenes. Seemed like organized chaos with everyone doing grinds and ollies all over the place. Also gave skateboarding a laid back easy going feel, hard to do with such an extreme sport. And is that what an artist's bathroom looks like?