DOPE eyeing 6-6-Sick

Directed by RAGE, Custer and Edsel from the album, No Regrets.

Nothing For Me Here, a bonus track on the current album was featured in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

IMPELLITTERI eyeing Last of a Dying Breed

From the album, Wicked Maiden.

Their second album, Stand in Line, was on the Billboard Top 100 for five months.


Jack White's The Dead Weather eyeing Hang You From the Heavens

Jack White has formed new band, Dead Weather.

"The Dead Weather consists of Jack White on vocals and drums, Alisson Mosshart (The Kills) on vocals, Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs) on bass and Dean Fertit (Queens of the Stone Age) on guitars".
via [Something Fast]


Haste The Day eyeing Mad Man

From the album, Dreamer.

Former member Jimmy Ryan, went on to form a band named Trenches.

Handsome Furs eyeing I'm Confused

Directed by Scott Coffey from the album, Face Control.

On their decision to go to Serbia, "If you look at it from a financial point of view, we do stupid, stupid tours. Then again, we’re not financially-minded. We’d rather extend ourselves as far as we can to absorb the world, life and experience.”

Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning eyeing Love Is New

Directed by Shelley Lewis from the album, Something for All of Us…

Brendan's former band, Broken Social Scene which he cofounded, is a collective of 19 musicians who are part of other groups or have solo careers.

Manchester Orchestra eyeing The Only One

Directed by Clay Lipsky and Jason Bognacki from the album, Mean Everything To Nothing.

Frankie Muniz, of Malcolm in the Middle fame, was quoted in an interview that one of his favorite bands is Manchester Orchestra.


The Ravens Court Eyeing A Curious Group

From the album, Skeletons in the Closet.

They place their music in the dark gothic glam sleaze rock category.

Ben Harper & Relentless7 - Shimmer and Shine

Directed by Danny Clinch from the album, White Lies For Dark Times.

The band was formed in 2008 and Dark Times will be their debut album.

Ben Harper and Relentless7 - Shimmer & Shine

The Promise Hero - Heartbreak Baby

Directed by Steve Tsentserensky from the album, Wait For The Sun.

Anyone interested in sampling the band's music can head over here, and download a free (LEGAL) digital sampler supplied by their record company.

A Static Lullaby - Toxic

Directed by Robby Starbuck from the album, Punk Goes Pop 2.

There have been 10 people filling various positions in the band throughout their history.

He couldn't switch the first line of the song? If he shoots in that barrel, that's his choice...

New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends

Directed by Meiert Avis from the album, Not Without A Fight.

The band carries an overall punk sound with hardcore undertones, according to Wikipedia, their EP Tip of the Iceberg focused on the hardcore influences.


Saddening Rock News: New York's Biggest Rock Station, 92.3, Disappearing

The article was published on the RollingStone website, the sentence below immediately drew my attention;

The shift to Top 40 represents the direction the entire music industry is heading: While music sales are slumping and radio stations are suffering through their worst years since the 1950s, sales of digital singles have gone through the roof. Top 40 radio caters to that crowd. To promote the new format, NOW FM will reportedly play 10,000 songs in a row of limited commercial interruption, the NYT reports.


Mastodon - Divinations

Directed by Robert Schober (Roboshobo) from the album, Crack The Skye.

Mastodon performed at the Dubai Desert Rock 2007 festival event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; the only event of its kind in the Middle East.

Major Major - The Beast

Directed by Briony Williamson from the album, Great Leagues.

Major Major are the first confirmed act for the Glastonbury Festival 2009.

A Day To Remember - A Downfall Of Us All

Directed by Scott Hansen from the album, Homesick.

Just two weeks ago, their album Homesick was #21 in a top 40 best albums chart for Rolling Stone.

Platinum Brunette - Pretty Vacant

From their self title album.

They will be having their first live performance during the upcoming year.

1990s - The Road

From the album, Kicks.

According to Myspace, these are their influences, "Umbrella by Rihanna, Norway, 'Secretary', light-weight basses and heavy-weight guitars, Yoko Ono, two-thirds cats/one third dogs, not standing up, Euro-Faces, yankee not UK drummmms, stuff."

Dragonforce - The Last Journey Home

From the album, Ultra Beatdown.

Herman Li, who provides the lead and rhythm guitar as wells as backing vocals, is a self taught musician.