WAR OF AGES eyeing All Consuming Fire

Directed by Andy Reale from the album, Arise and Conquer.

Tim Lambesis vocalist for 'As I Lay Dying,' produced Arise and Conquer.

All those fingers and only one set can move fast enough...

EXILIA eyeing Are You Breathing?

Directed by Tobias Dannappel from the album, My Own Army.

The band formed in Milan, Italy, 1998, in a city more closely associated with fashion than nu metal bands.

FYI: Moonshine wine makes you deaf...


Innerpartysystem eyeing Heart Of Fire

Directed by Penta from the Heart of Fire EP.

Innerpartsystem's Don't Stop is featured on Kat Von D's (L.A. Ink) Myspace page.

Three at a time, better be careful...


Hatebreed eyeing Ghost Of War

Directed by Kevin Custer from the album, For The Lions.

For The Lions consists of 18 cover songs of bands that influenced Hatebreed's music.

It's alive!!!

Nehmain eyeing Second Skin

From the album, From the Ashes.

The group played along Twisted Sister among others in 2007 during Hard Rock Hell.

Need some couple's counseling...


KHORS eyeing Red Mirrors

From the album, Mysticism.

The band began working on Mysticism in early 2007 before releasing it December 2008.

Running through the fields of 300 and Gladiator...


The Joy Formidable eyeing Whirring

Directed by Dain Bedford from the album, A Balloon Called Moaning.

Click on over to the band's Myspace where you have the option to either purchase or download the album for free.

Music in high places...


Cryptacize eyeing Blue Tears

Directed by Weston Currie from the album, Mythomania.

Michael Carreira (drummer) was discovered by the band after watching his cowbell videos on Youtube.

She really didn't want to get that shot...


Lowry eyeing Whiskey

Directed by Kathleen Grace from the album, Love is Dead.

Lowry is 14 years old and just stepped onto the national stage in the summer of 2008 during the All Points West Festival in New York City.

Learning to play backwards must be hard...

CORRODED eyeing Time And Again

Directed by Chris Rehn from their as of yet titled album.

The band has been moving quickly through the Swedish charts, having garnered a review in Sweden Rock Magazine 50, the number one hardrock and metal magazine in that country.

Looks like someone liked the Resistance (PS3) color scheme...


Protest the Hero eyeing Spoils

Directed by Sean Michael Turrell from the album, Fortress.

The band formed in 1999 when they were just 12 years old and still have the same members as when they began.

Not a great place for the drummer to sit...



YOUR DEMISE eyeing Burnt Tongues

Directed by Stuart Birchall from the album, Ignorance Never Dies.

The band put out an open call on their Myspace for fans to participate in the making of Burnt Tongues.

Hate 'to be continueds'...


Friendship eyeing The Graveyard Shift

Directed by The Late Misters from their 7" single.

"Your ears will be working at 40 percent post-gig". [NME via Myspace]

Imagine everyone at the concert doing that...

Man Man eyeing Rabbit Habits

Directed by Lex Halaby from the album, Rabbits Habits.

Before settling on Man Man, the band went through two names Gamelon and Magic Blood.

Fred Armisen and werewolves...


The Thermals eyeing Now We Can See

Directed by Lance Bangs from the album, Now We Can See.

Their track Pillar of Salt, is a demo single on the Microsoft Zune.

Don't need a lot of space to perform...

Manchester Orchestra's eyeing I've Got Friends

Directed by Clay Lipsky and Jason Bognacki from the album, Mean Everything to Nothing.

Lead singer Andy Hull was home schooled his senior year in high school to allow him to focus on his songwriting.

That is one persistent bear...

Manchester Orchestra - "I've Got Friends"


Fear Before eyeing Fear Before Doesn't Listen To People Who Don't Like Them

Directed by Bryan Schlam from their self titled release.

The band was formerly known as The Fear Before The March of Flames but as of Sept. 9, 2008, they are now simply known as Fear Before.

Indoor rainstorm or leaky roof....


Baby Animals eyeing Got It Bad

Directed by Nuno Bettencourt from an as of yet unannounced album.

This is the first video and single the band has done in over 10 years after disbanding in 1996.

An elephant on water skis...


The Rakes eyeing 1989

From the album, Klang.

The band is based in England but the album was recorded in Germany because according to lead Alan Donohoe, the London music scene is dull and they wanted to be somewhere more inspiring.

Road trip...

The Soundtrack of Our Lives eyeing Flipside

From the album, Communion.

Their previous album, Behind the Music, was nominated for a 2003 Grammy award.

Spontaneous barn dance...

Little Birdy eyeing Summarize

Directed by a team at Head Pictures from the album, Confetti.

A friend dropped off their demo at manager Phil Stevens' home who on the same day, called the band to offer his services.

Backup dancers in a rock video, interesting...

The Bloodpoets eyeing Borderline

Directed by Fredrik Halvorsen from the album, Polarity.

The band won both the L.A. Music Award and a Germany Indie Music award.

Seeing stars...

Deerhoof eyeing Eaguru Guru

Directed by Amber Smith and Ben Parrish from the album, Offend Maggie.

The group's album, Milk Man, was named onto Amazon's 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time list.

That cat has a great voice...

[Spacelab Mag.]

Camera Obscura eyeing French Navy

Directed by Blair Young from the album, My Maudlin Career.

John Henderson, one of the founding members of the band, left in 2003 after their first U.S. tour.

Breath mint anyone???


Heaven Shall Burn eyeing Black Tears

From the album, Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance).

Black Tears is a cover of Edge of Sanity's track and as fans know Marcus Bischoff (vocals) uses a higher pitch on this album compared to previous releases.

All the fun, half the work...

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead eyeing Isis Unveiled

From the album, The Century of Self.

The group created and released The Century of Self through their own finances after leaving Interscope Records in October 2008 after lack of support.

They all can see you...

El Goodo eyeing Feel So Fine

Directed by Mie Sorenson from the album, Coyote.

Spin Magazine named the group artist of the month in 2005.

The druids of rock...

[Culture Bully]


CENTAURUS-A eyeing The Praying Mantis

From the album, Side Effects Expected

[...Our overall goal is to compose a coherent song that balances technical brutality, weird and sick themes/rhythms with catchy and comprehensible grooves and melody]. [Metalcrypt]

What did the drummer take to give him 'those' side effects???


Fight Fair eyeing Pop Rocks

Directed by Robby Starbuck from the album, Settle The Crown.

According to Fight Fair, pop music had lost its fun element, and that's why they formed their band.

Looks like someone read, "How to Have a Beach Party"...



Soulcage eyeing My Canvas, My Skin

Directed by Tuomas Parviainen from the album, Soul for Sale.

One of vocalist's Aleksi Parviainen favorite albums in his collection is Rihanna's, Good Girl Gone Bad.

Quiet dinner for two...


Maximo Park eyeing The Kids Are Sick Again

Directed by United Visual Artists from the album, Quicken The Heart.

A friend of the band made 300 7" vinyl copies of their single Graffiti from their debut album, A Certain Trigger which fell into the hands of a Warp Records executive who then offered them a record deal.

Sick kids do like flashing lights...

Silversun Pickups eyeing Panic Switch

Directed by James Frost from the album, Swoon.

The Silver Lake music scene of L.A. is where the band originated, home of such acts as Elliott Smith and Rilo Kiley.

Go drummer go...


Micachu and the Shapes eyeing Lips

Directed by Drew Norton from the album, Jewellery.

Micachu is 21 year old Mica Levi who is signed to Rough Trade Records.

Another interesting looking instrument...


Joker's Daughter eyeing Worm's Head

Directed by Randy Knott from the album, The Last Laugh.

Helena Costas and producer Danger Mouse collaborated to form Joker' s Daughter.

Has the feel of an old Gorillaz video...



5Bugs eyeing In Between

From the album, Best Off.

5bug's album is not a compilation of greatest hits but simply the title of their new album.

Interesting video effects by taking the title of the song literally...


Pontiak eyeing Laywayed

Directed by Pontiak from the album, Maker.

The band recorded the album Maker in a 12' x 12' studio lending to a saturated sound. [Thrill Jockey Records]

Great place to record, except you have to wear sunglasses indoors...


Directed by Thomas Mignone from the album, Sick.

The original Loaded band split up in 2002 before reforming under frontman Duff McKagan (former Guns N' Roses bassist) in 2008 with four new members replacing those who left.

Never knew bingo could get so hostile...