Breaking Benjamin eyeing I Will Not Bow video

Directed by Rich Lee from the album, Dear Agony.

In contrast to the last rock single movie tie in, Breaking Benjamin received the raw end of the deal and were handed the scraps of the movie advertising budget. The video was filmed in a building that's part of the World Trade Center complex, and that's all there is to it, a big office space with the band performing.

It all ends up being about 80% of shots from the movie, that after watching felt like some sort of Stepford Wives meets I, Robot, clone. Great to see Breaking Benjamin back, but not in this fashion.


Attack In Black eyeing Liberties video

Directed by Marc Ricciardelli from the album, Years (by One Thousand Fingertips).

An alternate universe where childhood games can lead to painful conclusions. And also a place where the street corner based food cart serves food on par with 5 star restaurants, though in a stomach turning form. The final destination franchise would love to have this director on hand, a blade in an apple?(Most likely a phrase that went over my head but still gruesome to depict)

Attack in Black | Dane Alone Records


Friendly Fires eyeing Kiss of Life video

Directed by Chris Cottam from the album, Friendly Fires(re-release version).

According to a UGO interview, the band's first performance at a birthday party was shut down and they were replaced by a DJ.

Vibrant music video that reflects the theme present in the backing track. The dancing procession behind Macfarlane draw the eye with their colored outfits versus the dull colors the band wears, reverse for most videos. Maybe the costume designer was asked to do so to keep us from watching Macfarlane dance(try?) He does pretty well, with the strange shimmy he does at the three minute mark one of a couple exceptions. Simple clip that does what it needed to do, nothing more can be asked.

Bowling For Soup eyeing My Wena video

From the album, Sorry for Partyin'.

Jaret Reddick(vocals) is part of comedy troupe called Fourth Wall Comedy. Fans can see him and the group out of their base in Denton, Texas.

Wow, this video is just, wow... For some reason I didn't notice the title of the song and after the first couple seconds, it clicked. A self gratuitous song about the male member that I'm surprised I've never come across. Who would've known that Wena likes fish tacos? All in all, hilarious clip.


Bad Veins eyeing Gold and Warm video

Directed by Benjamin Davis from the album, Bad Veins.

Bad Veins are rising quickly in the music world. While opening for another band, that band liked them so much that they shopped them around and some weeks later, they had a record deal. So far they have only over a dozen shows in their young careers and they have already played with the likes of Silversun Pickups and Apples in Stereo.

Simple, extremely simple video with only one scene and two people. Yet it works, the band gives off enough energy and the on screen lyrics keep one watching.

Lord Cut Glass eyeing Look After Your Wife video

Directed by Tobias Feltus from the album, Lord Cut Glass.

“If Lord Cut-Glass was a political leader he’d be more dictator than democrat."

Great art style with guys riding pigs and female heads in cages, great fun for all. Most of the video is literal and therefore easy to follow, until we reach the last minute when actions seems to be randomly happening on screen. Some guys would love to have that paper bag...


Týr eyeing Hold the Heathen Hammer High video

Directed by Silvan Büge from the album, By the Light of the Northern Star.

The Faroe Islands, home to Týr, fits well with the themes the band uses in their music. Their newest release is their fifth album to date. You can download the Hold the Heathen Hammer Here video here.

The viking imagery was there with the ship and the rowers but the drummer decides to throw it off with his shirt. It seems they decided to spend zero on wardrobe for the band, therefore they had them go shirtless. The drummer, maybe feeling insecure, keeps his shirt on and the entire mood of the video goes overboard(haha?)

Roche Limit eyeing My Friend Ship

Directed by Dave Righton from the album, Sometimes We Must Change Shape.

Roche Limit is Dave Righton, a one man band based in Canada. The music video, created using Google Sketchup , cost Righton 11 U.S. dollars to create, with the only cost being the tape he used to record his creation. [Roche]

This goes to show that sometimes money doesn't always get you the best video. Google Sketchup is a CAD program that was used to create a visually unique piece of work. The only thing that's out of place was the 3D text used that looked like it came straight out of MS Word. If Righton keeps it up, his production costs will be very low...


The Offspring eyeing Stuff is Messed Up video

Directed by F. Scott Schafer and Sean Evans from the album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.

The band's smash hit album, Smash, was remastered and re-released in April last year. The album, which was originally released in 1994, is still the highest selling indie label album of all time.

Don't judge a book by its cover, or judge all the way, according to this music video. The scene(1:25) with the female bodybuilder and the pageant girl is extremely disturbing for some reason...

Omega Lithium eyeing Stigmata video

From the album, Dreams in Formaline.

Dreams in Formaline is the band's debut album and will be released on Drakkar Records. The band signed to the record label earlier this month.

Vivid imagery awaits those who watch the video below, as vivid as the color grey can become. The set pieces were intricately designed, kudos if it was all CG for the artist captured the gothic look and feel extremely well. Don't drink the drink...

Julie Doiron eyeing Consolation Prize video

Directed by Tim McDonough from the album, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day.

As a Canadian, Julie Doiron's home fans take pride in her work. So much so that the mayor of Bruno in Saskatchewan province named June 7, "Julie Doiron Day". As part of the ceremony, she was awarded a bench. [Exclaim]
Download Consolation Prize here. [Link provided on artist's website]

The video follows everyone's childhood nightmare, the visit to the dentist. Julie Doiron didn't leave her teeth for the tooth fairy to collect like most other kids, she buried them in her backyard. For some reason she decided to retrace her steps to find where she buried them and comes up with a strange surprise. Beware the tooth clones...

The Dead Weather eyeing Treat Me Like Your Mother video

Directed by Jonathan Glazer from the album, Horehound.

Fans of all degrees can join The Dead Weather's, "The Vault," and depending on your fandom(money spent) you will be receiving unique material in your mail. The social networking style site is run by the band's label, Third Man Records. Those who sign up for the maximum $20 fee, quarterly Third Man 12"s and the occasional limited 7" will be coming your way.

The video builds and builds and then it just ends. The two characters are horrendous shots, and who plays chicken with guns anyway? Quite disappointed overall, the production level was high but the visual story was missing, unless I missed something...

Suicide Silence eyeing Wake Up video

Directed by David Brodsky from the album, No Time to Bleed.

Mitchell Luker(vocals) is featured on the cover of the July 21st issue of Revolver magazine. It is the band's first metal magazine cover.

An extreme drug therapy session is witnessed in this video. It's extremely simple, scream in someone' face, but it could be effective. If nothing else, this would be a great track for an alarm...


The Veils eyeing Begin Again video

Directed by Sean Gratton from the album, Sun Gangs.

Three weeks after the release of Sun Gangs in April 2009, Henning Dietz(drummer), left the band after the birth of his daughter.

Disturbing images fill this faux news report style video. The interweaving between the lyrics and the stock footage is done quite well. And some of the clips are disturbing, those with weak stomachs beware. At the end of the video, it's almost like the director is saying, with all that's going on, there's still peace out there...

Farewell Continental eyeing Do You Wanna Tangle? video

Directed by Shane Nelson from the EP, Farewell Continental.

As can be seen on the band's Myspace, "Feel free to support us or not...Our goal is to have a perpetual bank balance of $0".

Is this what happens if you try to leave a band? The video shows one of the reasons some bands seem to somehow come back together after a feud. They have this hanging over their head. Or it could be an allusion to the music business where it seems to be play and make money or we could care less...


Alice In Chains eyeing A Looking In View video

Directed by Stephen Schuster from the album, Black Gives Way to Blue.

Black Gives Way to Blue is the band's first album since the death of vocalist Layne Staley in 2002. William DuVall of Comes With the Fall is the current lead.

A music video bordering on epic length, three distinct story lines are exhibited with all carrying the same underlying theme. The teen suffering from childhood based PTSD has the most constructive method of concealing his pain compared to the other characters. The NSFW female's section has a redemptive quality after she undergoes a self inflicted near death experience. The adult male's final scene on the bed has a whiff of contradiction. Will he bend to his temptations within a room filled with the symbols he used to try and cleanse himself?

The Sound of Animals Fighting eyeing Another Leather Lung video

Created by Eric Stodolnik from the album, The Ocean and the Sun.

The musical collective, The Sounds of Animals Fighting's, body of work ended with the release of The Ocean and the Sun. Nine rotating members had only four live shows under the Animals Fighting banner.

Those in an altered state of mind will find greater appreciation watching the video than those sober. It features the works of painter Vasily Kafanov though the manner in which they are exhibited greatly enhances the paintings in a manner that draws one's attention to certain elements. I would really like to know how the animator came up with his trippy vision...


Third Eye Blind eyeing Don't Believe A Word video

Directed by Stephan Jenkins from the album, Ursa Major.

Those who will be in New York city on July 17 can attend a free show at Central Park. Third Eye Blind will be taping for Good Morning America for those willing to be there at 6 a.m. when gates open.

Stop motion + performance video = whatever this was...


Odium eyeing At the Bottom video

Directed by Chad Archibald from the album, Year of the Sun.

2009 has been the breakout year for Odium. They signed to Year of the Sun records earlier in the year, released their debut album Year of the Sun(coincidence?) and filmed their first video, At the Bottom.

Great video that uses both the name of the band, and underlying track to create a captivating clip. The kid's transformation at the end was unexpected, though children in these kinds of videos seem to always have an otherworldly way of solving their problems. Why is everything but his face completely clean?


Neverdice eyeing Praying In the Name Of video

Directed by Janne Tamminen from an as of yet announced album.

The Finnish band has a quite a lot of free media on their website. All the tracks from the Neverdice EP and the video for Praying In the Name Of are available for download.

The concept for the video, don't judge someone by the clothes they wear, was interesting. Too bad the execution faltered with long shots of the girl driving. They should have hinted at the twist earlier on so as not lose the viewer's interest. Tattoos...

Daath eyeing Day of Endless Light video

Directed by Robin Fuller from the album, The Concealers.

Eyal Levi(guitar) on the band's current album, "call me cocky if you will, but check out the record and if you disagree feel free to write me on our Myspace and call me a prick". Levi states that The Contenders features the best writing he has ever done and that everyone else's play level has increased since their last release. [CenturyMedia]

Interesting animations in the background but nothing else but a performance clip...


Blitzen Trapper eyeing Black River Killer video

Directed by Daniel Elkayam from the album, Furr.

Furr was released September 23, 2008 and was listed 13th on Rolling Stone's "Top 50 albums of 2008". Two tracks from the album, Furr and God & Suicide were featured on the NBC show Chuck.

Country songs have some of the most literal lyrics in the music medium. "Black River Killer" takes a queue from that genre which gave the director a pre-made screenplay ready for filming. Which means if you liked the song, the music video is going to be an easy fit.

The Human Abstract eyeing Counting Down The Days video

From the album, Midheaven.

Midheaven is a concept album that follows the rise and fall of an unnamed man. Former bassist Mike Nordeen's sections were entirely re-recorded by Sean Hurley, who tours with John Mayer.

Claymation video that features an array of unique characters building a doomsday clock. Too bad they included live action shots of the band because it took away from the storyline that was unfolding. Every time you got lost in the alternate world, you would be snapped back into reality with performance shots of the band. And for those not in the know, a doomsday clock is always approaching 12 O'Clock. If it ever reaches that time, the world ends. The clock in the video doesn't make any sense if it is supposed to be one...

The Twilight Sad eyeing I Became a Prostitute video

From the album, Forget the Night Ahead.

The band's first album, Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters was recorded in three days whereas their new album, Forget the Night Ahead, took two years to come together. They found it hard to write while touring and didn't want to have a rushed final product. [DrownedinSound]

Grainy footage of a burlesque dancer takes up the entire length of the video. Was there any purpose for her? Maybe burlesque leads to prostitution...


Harlem Shakes eyeing Strictly Game video

Directed by Supermarché from the album, Technicolor Health.

The past two months have not been going well for the band. Their van was robbed in early June and with the expected clothes and equipment pilfered, some extra strings were also stolen. They also had to cancel their July shows in the UK for reasons not stated.

At first glance the video looks homemade, it even includes the typical Windows Movie Maker opening. Then what appears to be a slideshow of still photography turns out to be greatly composed video snippets with the slightest(purposeful) movement betraying the photo look. One forgets how the composition of an image immediately defines it as either a video or photograph.

Aiden eyeing Scavengers of the Damned video

Fromt the album, Knives.

wil Francis(vocals) sold his car to raise money for the band's first release, Our Gang's Dark Oath in 2003. Through self marketing, especially the handing out of self made CDs, they signed to Victory Records in 2004.

It's an entirely different artistic avenue when a band can take a vision and not only use it in their music, but also in their outward appearance. In this case it's the horror theme that carries through both the video and the track. The priest-like outfit wil is wearing at the end really stands out with all that happened beforehand...

Knife eyeing Fake Man video

Directed by Perrone Salvatore from the album, The Gloomy Side of Things.

The Italian band Knife finally came together in 2000 to release their debut, The Soul of the Bull. They placed third in a "headbanging" contest later that year which won them a publishing deal with Dave Records.

The tension created is quite notable, since the ending turns out to be a twist on what you probably thought was going on. Why he needed all those tools to complete a simple job at the end? No one knows, at least I don't...

Bible of the Devil eyeing The Turning Stone video

From the album, Freedom Metal.

Bible of the Devil will be playing a free show in Chicago, IL at the Cobra Lounge. They will play on August 5, 2009 at 7 PM and will be held on a first come first served basis; advance tickets will not be handed out.

If Vegas carried out such a policy as demonstrated in the video for out of control gamblers, the number of addicts would quickly dip to zero.

Hackneyed eyeing Deatholution video

From the album, Burn After Reaping.

Recording for Burn After Reaping finished in early June in Germany. They call it louder and more brutal than their previous release, Death Prevails.

The video features a Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura look alike who terrorizes a Hackneyed fan. Not a great premise for those who love Hackneyed but are deathly terrified of horror films. Who knows, maybe every couple of viewers she makes a visit...

Ash eyeing Return of White Rabbit video

Directed by Nico Jones from the A-Z Series singles.

Like many band releasing music in the new digital age, Ash will be embracing the new technology with the digital consumption of listeners in mind. Beginning in September, the band will be releasing one out of 26 tracks every two weeks through digital outlets and also vinyl for those on that side of the coin. Download Return of White Rabbit here. [Link provided on band's website]

Unrequited love from childhood through adulthood would definitely make the character's actions in the video acceptable. He wasn't even rejected by the ladies, just simply too shy to pull the trigger. Too bad he chose a ridiculous method to end the cycle. Great art style that keeps the story moving...

Rose Elinor Dougall eyeing Start/Stop/Synchro video

Directed by Ali Taylor from the album, Without Why.

Rose was a former member of the British band, The Pipettes, before branching out to pursue her solo work early last year. Start/Stop/Synchro was the first track released under her solo name.

Wide open seascapes fill the video making it look like a retro Bahamas vacation ad. They even walked all the way from the prairies of nowhereland to the beach, too bad someone left a shoe...


Holiday Shores eyeing Phones Don't Feud video

Directed by Scott Ross from the album, Columbus'd The Whim.

Columbus'd The Whim is the Florida band's debut album. The band's hometown gives a summery vibe to their music, according to their label's info. page. You can download Phones Don't Feud free here and decide for yourself. [Link provided on label's website]

He's running from something, too bad we never find out. The earlier sections of the video could be the makings of a horror film...

Eels eyeing In My Dreams video

From the album, Hombre Lobo.

Hombre Lobo's cover art references Cohiba brand cigars. They were originally produced only for the former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Prominent product placement of Mark Oliver Everett(vocals) book, "Things the Grandchildren Should Know" leads of the video as we watch his child variant prepare for bed. The rest of the clip features a long search for a frog that the child knows the exact location, even though its somewhere deep in the woods. Obviously anything is possible in dream land...

Bloc Party eyeing One More Chance video

From an as of yet named album.

Bloc Party is going back home after almost a two year hiatus. The band will be touring the UK in October, which they are dubbing "Bloctober."

Somewhat confusing video if you simply watched and didn't already know the lyrics. Seems like the characters are reliving past memories with those who have passed.

U.S. Royalty eyeing Raincoats video

Directed by Shruti Ganguly from the U.S. Royalty EP.

The band is currently based in Washington D.C. with the self titled EP as their only released work. It is available in digital format only from respective retailers.

Too bad information is sparse on the band because I would like to know how they managed to bring in Miss India 2007, Sarah-Jane Dias, for their video shoot. The director seemed to have capitalized on her presence because their is a 50/50 split between the band's shots and Dias'. Yet she doesn't do much but look extremely contemplative, too bad he gets rejected anyway. The limp candle close-up was great, dead heat...


Elvis Perkins in Dearland eyeing Chains, Chains, Chains video

Directed by Sean Pecknold from the album, Elvis Perkins in Dearland.

The current album release is Elvis Perkins' second, first with the backing band. His first album Ash Wednesday chronicled the passing of his mother. This was some of the reasoning used when making the new album, he needed to move away from the deeper material of his previous work.

This is one of those videos you watch through and at the end, simply say to yourself, O.K. It wasn't necessarily boring, the imagery just makes you think. Are you seeing what you think you're seeing? The seamless integration of the props make for unique stretches of wonderment.

Spinnerette eyeing Baptized by Fire video

Directed by Chris Hopewell from the album, Spinnerette.

Brody Dalle former vocalist for the Australian band, The Distillers, described her new band's sound as Chinese rock, folk doom and Gaelic disco. And as a side note for M&M's fans, her favourite color is yellow. [Shakefire]

The sea backdrop and ship props fit well to the backing track. Too bad she wasn't literally on a boat sailing away, instead of singing around a beached, decrepit boat. It would have given the video a more uplifting feel which the song does well.


The Promise Hero eyeing Wait For The Sun video

Directed by Steve Tsentserensky from the album, Wait For The Sun.

Wait For The Sun is the band's debut album. They used the same director for their previous video Hearbreak Baby.

The saturated colors give in the performance section gives the video a cartoony look, matching the background behind the band. You know your life is low when your cardboard car won't start...


Dirty Projectors eyeing Stillness is the Move video

Directed by Matthew Lessner from the album, Bitte Orca.

Bitte Orca is the band's first album released under the Domino Records label. Seemingly taking advantage on new found publishing opportunities, their new album was released on every single medium currently available, including cassette.

There isn't a lot that happens on screen, but for some reason just couldn't stop watching. This experimental rock band decided to try their hand at some choreography in the video and feigned some kind of wolf attack that turns out to be extremely benign when one realizes what the animal actually was. The llama and its handler look quite contemplative at 3:20...

There For Tomorrow eyeing A Little Faster video

Directed by Variable Films from the album, A Little Faster.

Not surprisingly some of the band's influences include, Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World. They also participated in the Punk Goes Pop 2 compilation album,performing their rendition of Omarion's Icebox, a heavily defined R&B track.

In this day and age one would think we would move away from the, girl with glasses is not attractive, idea. Everyone knows the right pair can do the trick. Apart from that stayed piece of storytelling, the intro felt very energetic. The "300" like cuts really added to the generic performance section.

Story of the Year eyeing Terrified video

From the album, The Black Swan.

The band's third release, The Black Swan, felt like a total renewal for the band. So much so that they switched to Epitaph records. The album's name comes from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book of the same title.

Touching tribute to the soldiers serving. May they return safe.

Jet eyeing She's A Genius video

Directed by Krozm from the album, Shaka Rock.

Jet fans who have an iPhone can play She's A Genius on Tap Tap Revenge 2. The track was played at a secret show late 2008, where the album name and artwork were revealed for the first time.

Girl's a genius for wearing the outfit, who knew no one would notice such a thing riding a round the streets.


Deerhoof eyeing My Purple Past video

Directed by Asha Schechter from the album, Offend Maggie.

The album art for Offend Maggie was created by artist Tomoo Gokita. The band met him while playing at the NADA Art Fair in Miami, Florida. They were browsing the works available when they came across his pieces.

One forgets the vast array of devices that we use as music sources. We observe a slideshow of different tools, from a record player to a boombox. There was also coincidence in the environments where the music players were used. The computer hooked to the CRT looked like a dorm room(no money for upgrade) and the simple white Hi-Fi like machine was found in the sterile confines of a kitchen. There was also no mistaking the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch mixed in with the other fruit.

Ninetail eyeing Half Truths & Hand Grenades video

Directed by Eric Bess from the album, Half Truths & Hand Grenades.

Ninetail played the Project Independent Pennsylvania State Invitational in 2007, a festival showcasing underground metal acts. Their work was included in a compilation CD leading to their eventual crowning as the "2008 Project Independent Featured Artist of the Year".

The video starts out promising, looking like a concept video of high yield investigatory tactics. It then turns into another cookie cutter warehouse video with some escape scenes interspersed. He pulled the pin but no explosion...

A Grave With No Name eyeing Stone Setting video

Directed by Anupa Madawela from the A Grave With No Name EP.

One of the simplest "about me" sections on Myspace, "These are some songs that I recorded in my bedroom. Hope you don't think they suck too bad".

We start out with a closeup of a wall, eventually zooming out to what look like the microscopic components of whatever is on the wall. Those with a "heightened" sense of visual input might find a greater appeal for the video...

Wild Beasts eyeing Hooting & Howling video

Directed by Ruth Render from the album, Two Dancers.

Two Dancers is the band's second album release, their second under Domino Records. Those interested can download the Debukas Remix here for the track Hooting & Howling.

The song speaks to the chase, the one from guys toward girls. It tends to be slow and calculated, just like the video. Sometime the aggressor just needs to lay back and think it through...

Graham Coxon eyeing In The Morning video

Directed by Chris Hopewell from the album, The Spinning Top.

Graham Coxon is the lead singer for the English band Blur. Three solo albums were released while still working with the band. The Spinning Top is his seventh solo album release.

Field shots abound in a great tie in to the folksy track. And just like folk music, the video is simple without any fluff.


D.O.A. eyeing Police Brutality video

Directed by Marcus Rogers from the album, Northern Avenger.

There have been 18 individuals to perform under the name D.O.A. Northern Avenger in 2008 in celebration of the band's 30th anniversary.

The track and video were created in response to the death of a Polish man who was tasered to death by police. For some reason a video or song that was dedicated to such acts released in the U.S. doesn't come to mind. It's also sad that such incidents happen and things get swept under the rug. Maybe that's why people stopped bothering with public outcries here.


Aloha from Hell eyeing Can You Hear Me Boys video

From the album, No More Days to Waste.

The German group won the best new band award last year, sponsored by the local Bravo magazine. The contest win came along with a record deal with Sony BMG and No More Days to Waste their debut album. Straying from the likes of other German acts like Tokio Hotel and Panik, the band will be releasing their music in English.

Childlike romp through city streets adds to the pop aspect of the track. If someone were to play the video on MTV right now, which is impossible since they don't play music videos, they would mistaken for just another flicker on the pop rock scene.


Alestorm eyeing Keelhauled video

Directed by Silvan Büge from the album, Black Sails at Midnight.

No Quarter featured on Black Sails at Midnight was a track originally written under the band's former name, Battleheart. The band changed their name before signing to Napalm Records because of the similarity to the name of another group, Battlelore.

Another pirate themed metal group, though these versions look grittier than the others. Storytelling is fundamental when in these themed bands, reminds one of country music and there endless cries about their lost sheep. Captivating throughout, though it is straight out of the "Pirate Chants and How to Perform Them" handbook.

Loudness eyeing Hit the Rails video

From the album, The Everlasting.

Akira Takasaki and Munetaka Higuchi formed Loudness in 1981, the first Japanese metal band with a record deal in the United States. Munetaka Higuchi passed away late last year after a long struggle with liver cancer.

No matter how old rockers get, they can still do their thing...

Sorrowful Angels eyeing Denial video

Directed by Bob Katsionis from the album, Ship In Your Trip.

The Greek/Polish band was formed in 1999 and in 2002 managed to play along the likes of Crossover and Deviser at the Chania Festival. Band turmoil led to members taking a hiatus but they reformed in 2009 for their first album release, Ship In Your Trip.

Not sure why they decided to dress the ladies in the contrasting colors black and white. For most that means good and evil, in this case they both seem to be after the same thing, which tends to be on the evil side. In such a situation one wonders what's making it such a hard decision to make.


Izegrim eyeing Point Of No Return video

Video produced by Arno Zuidgeest from the Point Of No Return EP.

Izegrim were nominated for a metal female voice award in Belgium. The awards are sponsored by Metal Female Voice Fest, a festival that focuses on highlighting female singers in the metal genre.

Screamo chicks are few and far between in the metal world. Good idea of whoever was holding the camera to make sure that once you were finished watching the video, you will always remember her face.



Sing It Loud eyeing Come Around video

Directed by Luke Asa Guidici from the album, Come Around.

Sing It Loud played seven shows before signing to Epitaph records. "I honestly don't know why [Epitaph label head] Brett [Gurewtiz] signed us; we were so bad," said Kieren Smith(guitar) on the band's Myspace page.

A campy style drama that is supposedly hilarious. Not so much, though it's obviously directed at a very narrow demographic. One that requires every single item in their videos to be labeled so as to avoid any confusion. Is that a briefcase or some strange watchamacallit?

In This Moment eyeing Call Me video

Directed by Nathan T. Heys from the album, The Dream- Special Edition.

Some random In This Moment trivia. Maria Brink's(vocalist) first tattoo was of an infinity sign, symbolizing the connection between Maria and her son. Sheri Bodell creates the dresses Maria wears on stage, though she sometimes creates her own from vintage shop purchases. [changetherecord]

Taking a cue from the original Blondie music video, Maria lies seductively on a round bed belting out the band's cover version. As with the original, the backing instruments are thrown in through performance footage. These shots feature green screen work that look like they were left to the last minute. The blurred edges on the white background are quite distracting when the video just cut from the standalone shots of Maria. Few times where you have a cover song and video...


Gene Dante and The Future Starlets eyeing A Madness To His Method video

Directed by Michael Pope from the album, The Romantic Lead.

Gene Dante has been nominated for a Best Male Vocalist award for the radio station WFNX, The Phoenix. Fans can vote for him here. Sweet harmonies and seen it all lyrics combine to form the Gene Dante and The Future Starlets sound.

Looks like someone is trying to bring the glam rock lifestyle back into the mainstream. Too bad its featured in a manner that makes it seem like some sort of social disease. This portrayal would have the likes of Kiss scratching their heads. Has their way of life been scrubbed out of media? Looks like it.


Green Day eyeing 21 Guns

Directed by Marc Webb from the album, 21st Century Breakdown.

Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic called Green Day's latest release their best work so far. He describes their work as "real punk," though some other critics have noted the band's latest work is treading in the pop rock waters. Drummer Tré Cool did mention that although punk rock is their mainstay, they pulled the essence of classic rock and roll during witting.

A track from the final act of the three act arch that is "21st Century Breakdown." This is the first video to feature the two central characters of the concept album, Christian and Gloria. The realities of war are literally taking place around the couple, with bursting chairs and hole strewn walls. Throughout the chaos, they remember each other and even have a chance to hug and kiss for a scene straight off the album cover.

mewithoutYou eyeing The Fox, The Crow and the Cookie

Directed by Amy Carrigan and David Bell from the album, It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright.

The Fox, The Crow, and the Cookie is one of many stories in Bawa Muhaiyaddeen's book My Love You My Children: 101 Stories for Children. mewithoutYou's latest album delves into and explores the teachings of the Sufi mystic.

The childlike stage and puppets in the video go hand in hand with the themes of the song and who they would be directed toward. The Sufi mystic's book is basically a "right or wrong" template for kids to learn, making the visual interpretation an easy fit for a "Sesame Street" segment.



Papa Roach eyeing I Almost Told You That I Loved You

From the album, Metamorphosis.

[...Band can't seem to cope with their identity], summation of AbsolutePunk's review of Papa Roach's album. Yet the band feels they, "walk that line between metal, hardcore, punk rock and pop music, and we do our best at trying to make it all tasteful." Looks like they are having a hard time keeping up with their multiple personalities.

The video features a walk down what is probably the hallway between
Sodom and Gomorrah. The whole lesbian thing is starting to get overused in rock. It used to be a quick glance at some lip action and that would cause fervor. Now, it's just there like its not a big deal, as it all starts to become mainstream. Of course it all goes together with the themes of the song but if you end up in such a place for almost loving someone, somethings up...

The Brainchild eyeing Conversational Tennis

From the album, Conversational Tennis.

Chris Dowling(vocals, guitar) has played since he was 10 years old, professionally since he was 15, his first gig was in front of 1000 people. He ended up supporting the likes of Tina Turner, Rod Stewart and Queen before settling into a band.

Video footage taken from a tennis loving family reunion can be viewed below. Nothing really stands out while watching, though the grandma(?) juggling one object and being proud of it does bring a chuckle...



Black Tide eyeing Warriors of Time

Directed by Lance Sells from the album, Light from Above.

Black Tide fans who are gamers can listen to their tracks on a variety of video game releases. Shockwave is featured on Skate 2, Show Me The Way can be heard on Motorstorm: Pacific Drift and Warriors of Time is on NHL 09. These tracks are currently featured or will soon be available for download on Rock Band.

If you have watched "Afro Samurai," the animated video below should look similar. Like a Saturday morning kids cartoon version. Even the band's mascot "The Bastard" has similarities to Justice, one of the bad guys in the story. Even the snow filled landscapes... enough with the comparisons. Great video, the machines will never win...


Double Dagger eyeing Vivre Sans Temps Mort

Directed by Cat Solen from the album, More.

Vivre Sans Temps Mort underwent a lot of work during the songwriting process, needing more concentration as compared to other songs on the album. They had the idea to make a song that would consist of only one note, trying to balance minimalism with enough variety to make it entertaining. [AuralStates]

This is one morbid kid putting together a toy car. As a parent, one would say, "great job son for undertaking such a complicated project". That is until the final piece is revealed. One could say he probably went through the situation based on the real world segments of the video. "I wrote my first will when I was nine years old..."


Viva Voce eyeing Octavio

Directed by Alicia Rose from the album, Rose City.

In the beginning there were only two, Kevin and Anita Robinson, making up Viva Voce. When it came time to write Rose City, it became clear to them that they would want to expand their sound, after mingling with The Shins in 2007. Thus came Corrina Repp and Evan Railton to fill out the new Viva Voce sound.

What can be presumed to be two lovers, writing secret notes to each other turns into something that has been prevalent in U.S. headlines recently. What was going on with the key room? Who put the keys there? Why?


Napalm Death eyeing Time Waits For No Slave

Directed by Tom Blyth from the album, Time Waits For No Slave.

"I'm kind of loathe in a way to act as any kind of scene overseer because that's when things start to get a little elitist, which is something I really can't abide" [Exclaim], Mark Greenway's(vocalist) answer to a question on whether they are doing anything to keep the grindcore flame burning. The band has been active for 28 years with Mark at the helm for the most part since 1989.

The animation makes the video more than it really is, a performance video in a small room someplace. The hanging bodies throw in a metal feel but the rest is just...

Douglas Armour eyeing Flushed and Flamelike Themselves

Directed by Bryce Kass from the album, The Light Of A Golden Day, The Arms Of The Night.

The Light Of A Golden Day, The Arms Of The Night is Douglas Armour's debut album on The Social Registry label.

High definition, high speed photography that would fit perfectly onto an episode of Discovery Channel's Time Warp. Every grain of sand can be seen as the topless runner makes his way through the woods. Even small flecks of what might be dandruff float away from his hair as he performs some, out-of-character-for-the-song, headbanging. Run, I want to be in a hair commercial guy, run...

The Gaslight Anthem eyeing The '59 Sound

Directed by Kevin Custer from the album, The '59 Sound.

Guitar aficionados who are fans of The Gaslight Anthem can follow Brian Fallow's Twitter feed to scrutinize Brian and his guitar tech's choices. Fans would also know that Brian and Alex Levine(bass) are brothers in law.

Hey look! It's a living room that just happens to have no furniture. Let's play and record a video. And while we're at it, make sure to get a close-up of some tattoos...


Jaguar Love eyeing I Started A Fire

Directed by Ethan Holman.

"If that mélange of musical touchstones doesn’t convince you that Jaguar Love are writing their own rulebook, you must think gas prices are coming down and Jesus is on her way back." [JaguarLove]. In reference to the varied genres of music that Jaguar Love have received inspiration, from classic rock to pop.

The track is described as a demo, and the video follows along the same lines. It all comes down to color, the video looks like it was shot by kids playing with their parents camcorder. They literally started a fire...


Doves eyeing Winter Hill

Directed by David Mould from the album, Kingdom of Rust.

The band's debut album was Lost Souls released in 2000. The track Winter Hill has been on the backburner since that album, never worked on until their current release, Kingdom of Rust. The song is about Winter Hill, near Manchester, England.

Trials bike rider Danny MacAskill shows his skills in a video that unfolds like a demo for someone trying to sign on to a sponsorship team. Rabid fans(stalkers?) chase him through the streets as he uses his assets to get away from them. Too bad we don't get to see how he performed his final feat...


Seether eyeing Careless Whisper

Directed by Tony Petrossian from the album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.

The band decided to release a cover of Wham!'s Careless Whisper after a request from management for a Valentine's Day song for a compilation album to be sold on iTunes. The recording session was completed in one afternoon, making the fan response surprising for such a hastily recorded track. [Risers]

An homage to the decade the original track was created, the video plays like an 8-bit time capsule. From the direct recreations of classic video games such as Donkey Kong to an appearance by what looks to be like George Michael himself. Could the DeLorean really do that?

Sonic Youth eyeing Sacred Trickster

Directed by Tom Surgal from the album, The Eternal.

Initially the band went under the name 'Arcadians' before renaming it was changed to Sonic Youth in the early 80's. They were the first act to be signed to Neutral Records in 1981.

Long lead up to a quick climax, down with corporate culture. They spent a lot of time to look like the part but for some reason decided not to act while on location. And unless there was acid in the paint, why the reaction from the victims?


White Denim eyeing I Start to Run

Directed by Tom Haines from the album, Fits.

The Austin, Texas based band released their first work under a record label overseas, thanks to their record deal with U.K. based Full Time Hobby records. Their debut album, Workout Holiday, was released in early 2008 while their debut U.S. LP, Exposion, was released later that year.

Who knows how the band got in the situation where they had to play while someone ran a circuit to save their lives. Some salt of the earth fellows hold them hostage while the bassist runs to the top of a hill and receives a shotgun from Galadriel, formerly of "The Lord of the Rings" fame. The drummer must have been playing his best drum solos that day...


Damiera eyeing Quiet Mouth Loud Hands

Directed by Alexander Harrison from the album, Quiet Mouth Loud Hands.

Three fourths of the founding members left in 2007 to pursue personal interests. Only David Raymond(vocals) remained to revive the band in 2008. Quiet Mouth Loud Hands is the first release with the new lineup.

The band recorded their new album in an abandoned school in N.Y. A lady bought the building an rented it out to artists. Looks like it was the same place that the video was shot. Tight against walls, looking like some science experiments went bad against the wall. Dreams of a rebuilt school at the end?