Mumford and Sons - I Gave You All

Mumford and Sons are the first folk rock band that I discovered the old fashioned way, the radio. And for some reason I immediately felt they had already "made it". A short while later I saw they had been nominated for a Grammy.

Having your small unknown band brings great hope they will manage to gain the mass appeal that will allow them to make records for a long time, without selling out of course but that is not reality(lol?). Silversun Pickups were nominated last year and I thought things would really get moving. Many late night show appearances later, nothing. And when I speak of nothing, it relates to the mainstream media, not some hipster's plaid based blog.

Let's hope Mumford and Sons have an Oprah moment or something of the like, so they can keep producing great works of music for years to come.


Linkin Park eyeing The Catalyst

Linkin Park is back with a new sound and video from the upcoming album A Thousand Suns directed by their turntablist Joseph Hahn.

Reading the comments on the video, one would think the fanbase has deserted their former favorites. It is only when one notices that these sentiments are the cries of teenagers begging for the angst ridden, younger Linkin Park that one knows the boys of California have surpassed their 'me' phase and are now worldly.


Breaking Benjamin eyeing I Will Not Bow video

Directed by Rich Lee from the album, Dear Agony.

In contrast to the last rock single movie tie in, Breaking Benjamin received the raw end of the deal and were handed the scraps of the movie advertising budget. The video was filmed in a building that's part of the World Trade Center complex, and that's all there is to it, a big office space with the band performing.

It all ends up being about 80% of shots from the movie, that after watching felt like some sort of Stepford Wives meets I, Robot, clone. Great to see Breaking Benjamin back, but not in this fashion.


Attack In Black eyeing Liberties video

Directed by Marc Ricciardelli from the album, Years (by One Thousand Fingertips).

An alternate universe where childhood games can lead to painful conclusions. And also a place where the street corner based food cart serves food on par with 5 star restaurants, though in a stomach turning form. The final destination franchise would love to have this director on hand, a blade in an apple?(Most likely a phrase that went over my head but still gruesome to depict)

Attack in Black | Dane Alone Records


Friendly Fires eyeing Kiss of Life video

Directed by Chris Cottam from the album, Friendly Fires(re-release version).

According to a UGO interview, the band's first performance at a birthday party was shut down and they were replaced by a DJ.

Vibrant music video that reflects the theme present in the backing track. The dancing procession behind Macfarlane draw the eye with their colored outfits versus the dull colors the band wears, reverse for most videos. Maybe the costume designer was asked to do so to keep us from watching Macfarlane dance(try?) He does pretty well, with the strange shimmy he does at the three minute mark one of a couple exceptions. Simple clip that does what it needed to do, nothing more can be asked.

Bowling For Soup eyeing My Wena video

From the album, Sorry for Partyin'.

Jaret Reddick(vocals) is part of comedy troupe called Fourth Wall Comedy. Fans can see him and the group out of their base in Denton, Texas.

Wow, this video is just, wow... For some reason I didn't notice the title of the song and after the first couple seconds, it clicked. A self gratuitous song about the male member that I'm surprised I've never come across. Who would've known that Wena likes fish tacos? All in all, hilarious clip.


Bad Veins eyeing Gold and Warm video

Directed by Benjamin Davis from the album, Bad Veins.

Bad Veins are rising quickly in the music world. While opening for another band, that band liked them so much that they shopped them around and some weeks later, they had a record deal. So far they have only over a dozen shows in their young careers and they have already played with the likes of Silversun Pickups and Apples in Stereo.

Simple, extremely simple video with only one scene and two people. Yet it works, the band gives off enough energy and the on screen lyrics keep one watching.

Lord Cut Glass eyeing Look After Your Wife video

Directed by Tobias Feltus from the album, Lord Cut Glass.

“If Lord Cut-Glass was a political leader he’d be more dictator than democrat."

Great art style with guys riding pigs and female heads in cages, great fun for all. Most of the video is literal and therefore easy to follow, until we reach the last minute when actions seems to be randomly happening on screen. Some guys would love to have that paper bag...


Týr eyeing Hold the Heathen Hammer High video

Directed by Silvan Büge from the album, By the Light of the Northern Star.

The Faroe Islands, home to Týr, fits well with the themes the band uses in their music. Their newest release is their fifth album to date. You can download the Hold the Heathen Hammer Here video here.

The viking imagery was there with the ship and the rowers but the drummer decides to throw it off with his shirt. It seems they decided to spend zero on wardrobe for the band, therefore they had them go shirtless. The drummer, maybe feeling insecure, keeps his shirt on and the entire mood of the video goes overboard(haha?)

Roche Limit eyeing My Friend Ship

Directed by Dave Righton from the album, Sometimes We Must Change Shape.

Roche Limit is Dave Righton, a one man band based in Canada. The music video, created using Google Sketchup , cost Righton 11 U.S. dollars to create, with the only cost being the tape he used to record his creation. [Roche]

This goes to show that sometimes money doesn't always get you the best video. Google Sketchup is a CAD program that was used to create a visually unique piece of work. The only thing that's out of place was the 3D text used that looked like it came straight out of MS Word. If Righton keeps it up, his production costs will be very low...