State Radio eyeing Right Me Up

From the album, Us Against The Crown.

State Radio played at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Great tribute...

The Coathangers eyeing Stop Stomp Stompin'

Directed by David Y. Hahn from the album, Scramble.

"Every song is an art project, a starting over, a Scramble." - Julia Kugel(guitar/vocals)

Giants playing in the city...


Raunchy eyeing Warriors

Directed by Andreas Krohn from the album, Wasteland Discotheque.

Raunchy will play the famous With Full Force Festival in Leipzig, Germany after also playing the venue in 2006.

She's still soldiering on at her age...


Impending Doom eyeing More Than Conquerors

Directed by Robby Starbuck from the album, The Serpent Servant.

Gorship, a combination of gore and worship, is the term the band uses to describe its music, though they have clarified that they do not necessarily worship gore.

In the eye of the moshpit...


We Were Promised Jetpacks eyeing Quiet Little Voices

From the Quite Little Voices EP.

The band's first performance ended up with a win at their high school battle of the bands competition.

Playing so hard the camera malfunctions...

A Lull eyeing Skinny Fingers

Illustration by Nigel Evan Dennis from the Ice Cream Bones EP.

A Lull is a three person group whose friends rotate in to help play various parts making the band friendly enough to offer Skinny Fingers free here. [Link provided on band's website]

Must be subliminal in some way...


Enter Shikari eyeing Juggernauts

Directed by Shane Davey from the album, Common Dreads.

The band won Best Live Band at the 2007 Kerrang! Awards and also appeared alongside the likes of Linkin Park and The Bravery during the 2008 Projekt Revolution tour.

Just missed getting sand in his face...


Neil Halstead eyeing Elevenses

Directed by Christopher Piazza from the album, Oh! Mighty Engine.

After his original band, Slowdive, disbanded in 1995, Neil Halstead went on to form Mojave 3 before releasing his first solo album, Sleeping on Roads in 2002.

Ghost of relationship past...


Eden's Curse ft. Pamela Moore eyeing Angels and Demons

From the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Jezebeth.

Thorsten Koehne was awarded 2007 best guitarist of the year by MelodicRock.com.

Wonder what's brewing???

Buckcherry eyeing Talk To Me

From the album, Black Butterfly.

Some of Buckcherry's influences include, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.

Webcam video...

The xx eyeing Crystalised

Directed by Alex Flick and Masato Riesser from THE XX EP.

Lead vocalists Romy and Oliver have known each other since they were three years old.

Really laid back...


Eels eyeing Fresh Blood

Directed by Jesse Dylan from the album, Hombre Lobo.

Eeels abandoned their tweeter account after a month, sighting "the only tweeting we want to hear is from our backyard".

Joaquin Phoenix on the prowl...


Of Machines eyeing Things Too Visible To See

From the album, As If Everything Was Held In Place.

The band was signed to Rise Records after recording two demos. [SmartPunk]

Look away from the light...

H2O eyeing Nothing to Prove

Directed by Joseph Pattisall from the album, Nothing To Prove.

Longtime fan and friend of the band, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, produced the album.

Friends from all over the world...


Amoral eyeing Gave Up Easy

From the album, Show Your Colors.

Amoral's more melodic music direction may have caused the depature of former vocalist, Niko Kalliojärvi.

Minds at work...

Longwave eyeing The Devil and The Liar

Directed by John Hancock from the album, Secrets Are Sinister.

The band was originally named The Deaf Aides after lyrics to the opening of Lennon's Let It Be album.

Like a "How-To" video on how to play the song...


Autumn Hour eyeing Fade Out

From the album, Dethroned.

Dethroned is a concept album that is a, "songbook of utter, worldwide devastation, and an aftermath in which technology tries to save the human race from extinction" by also giving you Fade Out free here. [Link provided on band's site]

How fitting that they only use the fade out effect...

Lacrosse eyeing We Are Kids

From the album, Bandages for the Heart.

[...The album will have you bouncing on the brightest lit dancefloor and crying in the darkest corner, all in the span of 37 minutes].

Robotic indie pop...

Deerhoof eyeing Numina

Directed by Kate Hall from the album, Offend Maggie.

Deerhoof just turned 15 years old, bringing back memories of some of the early band names including, "Nitre Pit", "Seven Year Rabbit Cycle", "King Eider Common Eider", "Tree Hugger," all with nouns put together that former member Rob Fisk thought up.

Would be a great video in upside down world...



Stratovarius eyeing Deep Unknown

Directed by Owe Lingvall from the album, Polaris.

Polaris will debut new members Matias Kupianen and Lauri Porra, on the guitar and bass respectively and will also mark the depature of guitarist Timo Tolkki.

Looks like they found "The Day After Tomorrow" set...

The Chariot eyeing Daggers

Produced by Endeavor Media from the album, Wars and Rumors of Wars.

Josh Scogin, vocalist for the band, is the only remaining member from the original group that has had twelve memberes rotate through the five person group.

They finally got them...

No Use For A Name eyeing Pacific Standard Time

Directed by Gustavo de la Torre Casal from the album, The Feel Good Record Of The Year.

Chris Shiflett, lead guitarist for the band Foo Fighters, was a former member of NUFAN.

Could almost be an episode of 24...



Firekites eyeing Autumn Story

Co-Directed by Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber from the album, The Bowery.

Firekites was originally Tim McPhee & Rod Smith then "later, friends were invited to play on songs that started with two guitars and ended up with a lot more."

That would be an interesting class...

Eskimo Joe eyeing Foreign Land

From the album, Inshalla.

Inshalla is an Arabic word that translates to, 'what will be will be' which is fitting as the new album will be exploring a new sound for the band.

Hypnotic dancing...

Youth Group eyeing All This Will Pass

From the album The Night Is Ours.

The band's sound is reminiscent of such artists as Death Cab for Cutie, whose lead singer Chris Walla was a guest musician on The Night is Ours.

Can't get sea sick while playing...

LUNARSEA eyeing Metamorphine

Directed by Federico Ferrari from the album, Route Code Selector.

Federico Ferrari also directed their first video for Beside the Driver.

Darkness consumes...


Volbeat eyeing We

Directed by AVA Studios from the album, Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood.

Their first album released in 2005, The Strength / The Sound / The Songs, was the most critically acclaimed Danish release "in ages", who will be seen in the U.S. along Nightwish in May 2009.

Relationships that kill a part of you...

The Boy Least Likely To eyeing When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade

Directed by Jayne Vidheecharoen from the album, the law of the playground.

Vocalist Jof Owen's brother creates the artwork that can be seen in such places as the band's album cover.

Angry lemons...

All American Rejects eyeing The Wind Blows

Directed by Rich Lee from the album, When The World Comes Down.

The band will be designing a Honda Civic for their upcoming headlining tour.

Singing with the fishes...


Mando Diao eyeing Gloria

From the album, Give Me Fire.

Hurricane Bar, the band's second album, was their breakthrough release earning a spot on Amazon's Top 100 Editor's Picks of 2005.

Old school spy action...


Cocktail Slippers eyeing In The City

From the album, Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

Cocktail Slippers are an all female band from Oslo that according to Little Steven Van Zandt, is the new trend.

Air drummer...

Drive A eyeing Are You Blind

From the album, Loss of Desire.

Loss of Desire is the band's debut album which picks up the flag for their generation.

One of many requirements, warehouse video...