Feist - The Water: The fact that not a single word is spoken allows for all the emotion of the song to shine through; the actors' acting skills are a great visual aide to carry it along.

Franz Nicolay - Jeff Penalty: The video seems to be "raw," as if just thrown together but all the pieces fit within an artistic realm giving it a great up tempo vibe that goes great with the song.

Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler: Always interesting when the direction of the video is literally the title of the song. It looks like a horror film but the track makes it all seem like good fun!

PROFANE OMEN - Left to Disintegrate: Always so much energy in metal music, which lends itself to why they tend to use performance videos since it gives a small feeling of being at the concert.

FM Static - Boy Moves To Town With An Optimistic Outlook: Good decision to go with an animated video bringing back memories of morning cartoons that brings the viewer closer to the story of the song.


Abe Vigoda eyeing Don't Lie

Directed by Weston Currie from EP, Reviver.

Their first full length album was Skeletons, which their record label described like the, "PSYCHADELIC FURS song being played in a church." [BellaUnion]

Long road to nowhere...

The Answering Machine eyeing Obviously Cold

Directed by Zack Keller & Ed Skudder from the album, Obviously Cold.

The band performed at both the Glastonbury 2007 and SXSW 2008 festivals.

Never knew the Rubik's Cube was a warm up...

Sky Larkin eyeing Antibodies

Directed by Save Lorenzo from the album, The Golden Spike.

The band released their first single, Fossil, I and first album, The Golden Spike on Wichita Records in 2008.

Stick free drumming...


Pestilence eyeing Devouring Frenzy

Produced by Frank Duijnisveld from the album, Resurrection Macabre.

The band parted ways in 1994 and just got back together in 2008.

The mummy lives...

Chaoswave eyeing 10 Years of Denial

Directed by Richard Spierings from the album, Dead Eye Dreaming.

Raphael and Guf, who play drums and guitars respectively, write for the Italian music magazines Axe Magazine and Percussioni.

Key in lock, how convenient...


Norglen eyeing Miss You Yet

From the album, A Long Way From The Truth.

Andrew Doll , Joel McCann and Brendan O'Byrne, founding members of the band, grew up three minutes from each other in Canada.

No frills airport...

NecronomicoN eyeing The Time is Now

Produced by Benoit Nantel from the album, The Return of the Witch.

The band was officialy formed in 1991 and released its debut album, Pharaoh of Gods, in 1998.

A non-violent violent demonstration...


French Kicks eyeing Abandon

Directed by Austin Peter from the album, Swimming.

The tracks on the album Abandon were set after only one to two takes.

Contrasts to the extreme...


Kasabian eyeing Vlad The Impaler

Directed by Richard Ayoade from the album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

The band's first public appearance was at a Viper Rugby Club, celebrating one of the former member's birthday.

The impaler, literally....

Phoenix eyeing Lisztomania

From the album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Laurent Brancowitz, one of the guitarists for the group, was formerly a member of a now defunct band that included the members of Daft Punk.

Fan appreciation...



The Bloodsugars eyeing Purpose Was Again

Directed by Kris Schackman from their BQ EP.

Group member Jason Rabinowitz has had diabetes since age nine, making for a fitting band name that as a treat, Purpose Was Again is available for free on their website.

Kid found a great pen...

Franz Nicolay eyeing Jeff Penalty

Directed by Thomas Bayne from the album, Major General.

Franz Nicolay's parents raised their family as macrobiotics, who are next level vegans making Franz a lifelong vegetarian.

Where's the mustache???

Care Bears on Fire eyeing Everybody Else

From the as of yet titled third album.

Another kid rock band whose track Everybody Else was featured in the "Three Chords" Converse commercial.

Couldn't do that before the shoot???


FishHawk eyeing Night Owl

Directed by Dorian Forbes from the album, Bells Underwater.

The band represents, "a time of abstract expression, experimentation of blues, news and purple tattoos," which also means that all their Myspace tracks are available for download here. [Link provided on band's website]


The Kabeedies eyeing Little Brains

Produced by Lamda Films Ltd. from the album, Little Brains.

The band plays Mortal Kombat and also performed at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival.

Little drummer boy has skills...

The Lucifer Principle eyeing Graveyard Ave.

Produced by Arno Zuidgeest from the album, Welcome to Bloodshed.

The group's name came from the book by Howard Bloom of the same title.

Don't go in dark rooms...

Meliah Rage eyeing Hour Glass

Directed by Brad Piche from the album, Masquerade.

Godsmack lead Sully Erna was features playing drums on their Unfinished Business LP.

First camera phone music video???


The Sundance Kids eyeing Solutions

From the Solutions EP.

The group was formely simply an acoustic trio.

Forgot the lyrics there...

A Friend Of Mine eyeing Heroin Sheik

Directed by Paul Drane from the album, God Mode.

"A Friend Of Mine played the sort of music you might bulldoze a neighbourhood to..."

Move anywhere and your in someone's face...


Sugar Army eyeing Acute

Directed by Richard Berney from the album, Shock.

"The most exciting thing about the Sugar Army story is that it starts right now". Acute can be downloaded here. [Link provided on artist's website]

That must be a huge garage...


Racing Kites eyeing Be My Runaway

Directed by Ryan Mast from the Be My Runaway EP.

The band was one of the "Top 21 Unsigned Artists of 2008" on Purevolume.com

Fans can be extreme...


Regular John eyeing Language

From the album, The Peaceful Atom Is A Bomb.

Before you're confused, Regular John is not a fashion band.

Nice zoom out effect...

Feist eyeing The Water

Directed by Kevin Drew from the album, The Reminder.

At age twelve, she performed at the opening ceremonies of the Calgary Winter Olympics.



PROFANE OMEN eyeing Left to Disintegrate

Directed by Toni Salminen from the album, Inherit The Void.

The band formed in 1999 with their first demo entitled, PROFANE OMEN.

Nice worm...

FM Static eyeing Boy Moves To Town With an Optimistic Outlook

From the album, Dear Diary.

The album Dear Diary is a concept release, with the entire series of songs telling one story of a high school boy in a new town.

Great way to get to school...


Pierce the Veil eyeing Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides

Directed by Nate Weaver from the album, A Flair For The Dramatic.

The band has gone through three name changes which are, Early Times, Before Today and currently Pierce the Veil.

Children walking slowly are creepy for some reason...

Let Me Run eyeing Like A Fish

Directed by Kevin Slack from the album, Meet Me At The Bottom.

The band's signing bonus to XOXO Records was a case of Golden Anniversary Beer . [AMP]

Which lighting method is energy friendly???

BARRICADE eyeing Michelle

Directed by Noah Grant-Levine from the album, Demons.

"Traditional east coast hardcore crossed with modern influences." [Eulogy Recordings]

Hardcore rock and rap, you never know...

Devo eyeing Don't Shoot

Directed by Gerald Casale and Davy Force from their as of yet titled ninth album.

Their first song after disappearing in 1990 was Watch Us Work It, which was released in 2007 and used in a Dell computer ad.

Feels like it could be a Target commercial...