Children eyeing Power Spirit

From the EP, Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World.

"Reaching back through time to lay hands in the forges of metal, NYC's Children riff out the present with their debut, Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World". [Kemado]

The clip starts out dark and brooding, the viewer wondering whether it's going to be a take on the "Blair Witch Project." Next comes the running, actually sprinting, in the long underwear while playing guitar. One has to smile at the flying guitar shot that is caught perfectly by the guitarist who keeps playing. And beware, playing guitar in the woods doesn't do well for your fingers...


Madder Mortem eyeing Armour

Directed by Arnfinn Moseng and Negar Bagheri from the album, Eight Ways.

In 2003 during a Mexico City festival, which they managed to travel with last minute arrangements, they arrived and found something amiss. None of the Norwegian band's equipment had arrived. They had to borrow equipment and went on with the show, an adventure for the, "pale Norwegians".

For a metal video, its quite peaceful to watch. Sometimes the director tries to go for the dark theme too much but in this case, the song is mellow, therefore the video is mellow. All white background, all white clothing with creative animated transitions to keep interest...


The Lodger eyeing I Think I Need You

Directed by Ash Pears and Richy Lloyd from the EP, I Think I Need You.

Coming together for the first time in 2004, the band released three EPs before creating their debut album, Grown-Ups. It was ranked fourth in UK's webzine DIY list of albums of the year for 2007.

Color scheme takes the video to another era, even though the clothes are of the present. Thought he would end up with a cellphone...


Bat For Lashes eyeing Pearl's Dream

From the album, Two Suns.

Two Suns is, "a record of modern-day fables exploring dualities on a number of levels – two lovers, two planets, two sides of a personality," according to its press release. Fitting for her work has been compared from the like of Fleetwood Mac to Björk.

So far so good for the video releases from "Two Suns". Another abstract video though this one seems more telling. A fight with the inner demons within us though based on the wig color choice, one would think that the wrong Natasha died. Yes, there are two, find out below...

Kasabian eyeing Underdog

From the album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

"West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum was a mental institution built in the 1800's in West Yorkshire, England and housed the "mentally-poor". It was later changed to the High Royds Psychiatric Hospital and was then shut down back in 2003." [strangeglue]

Could have been another relatively simply performance video except for one thing, the shots of the crowds with their hands in the air. Seeing that made everything seem epic, and it didn't hurt that the tune has a sixties vibe to it, bringing back memories of the glory days of rock and roll.

Patrick Wolf eyeing Hard Times

Directed by Ace Norton from the album, The Bachelor.

At age 16, Patrick earned money by performing on the streets with a string quartet in London. After performing at a club in Paris, Kristian Robinson(Capitol K), released Wolf's debut album Lycanthropy.

The blacklight scenes that appear quaterway into the video do really well to keep one's attention. The colors are already blinding but to add a kaleidoscope effect makes the viewer's eyes bulge out of their sockets. By the way, some people weren't actually drumming...


Sleep for Sleepers eyeing Thieves and Bones

Directed by Patrick Lawler from the album, The Clearing.

The video was shot at the Phoenix theater in Petaluma, California. The Clearing is the band's debut album.

A drummer with glasses...


All American Rejects eyeing I Wanna

From the album, When The World Comes Down.

Tyson Ritter(lead vocals) and Nick Wheeler(lead guitar) have known each other since they were 14. The formed the group in 2001 and released their first EP, Same Girl, New Songs that summer.

Does drinking Tuborg lead to backseat action? Titanic anyone?

The Higher eyeing It's Only Natural

Directed by Justin Coloma from the album, It's Only Natural.

Posted on the band's MySpace, "If Justin Timberlake were a band, he'd be The Higher". Founding member Tom Oakes(guitar/vocals) left the band early 2008 because of personal and creative differences. The band went on to perform their first European tour in April 2008.

Bubblegum color scheme helps define the band as power pop. The random dance party that erupts calls out to "High School Musical". Those are some bright freezer cabinets during the guitar solo scene...


The Darlings eyeing Where Do We Go

Filmed by The Darlings from the EP, The Darlings.

inthisweek.com describes The Darlings as a band for those who like Tiger Army and AFI. On What Lies Below they sing, ""Say a prayer as you're sung to sleep/And behold the sacred melody/Say a prayer as you walk the plank/You've been chosen now hang from the gallows." Though many bands sing of similar doom and gloom, The Darlings deftly strike a balance between setting the mood and killing the moment".

Find a corner and jam is all the video entailed. The long, thoughtful drive depicted was never resolved. Did he reach the beach? And why the black and white for his scenes?


Yeah Yeah Yeahs eyeing Heads Will Roll

Directed by Richard Ayoade from the album, It's Blitz!

Young band Tiny Master's of Today benefited from Karen O(vocalist) and Nick Zinner's(guitarist) work on their debut album Bang Bang Boom Cake. The track Hologram World was written via email between the two camps and featured Karen O's vocals and Nick Zinner's guitar work.

Literally wild video that features a werewolf-like Michael Jackson. A dinner and show goes out of control ending in graphic fashion. We all sparkle on the inside...

Buster Fantastic eyeing Mess Of Me

From the EP, Buster Fantastic and the White Whale Of Love.

Buster Fantastic is an unsigned artist who on their Myspace blog mused about writing music for pregnant women. A three movement piece for each trimester that will be positive, defying his nature. Download Mess Of Me free here. [Link provided on artist's website]

A somber song matched to a somber video. The bleak colors and stoic expression on the artist lend well to the mood in the clip. That is until the sock puppet...


Billy Talent eyeing Rusted From The Rain

Directed by Wayne Isham from the album, Billy Talent III.

With home base in Canada, the band took ten years from their emergence in 1993 to gain mainstream success. They have since gone on to have two albums reach multi-platinum success in their home country.

From the darkness comes light, and in this case, from the mangled metal trash thrown away came a childhood mainstay. Don't think parents would let them ride though...

The Warlocks eyeing Red Camera

Directed by Molly Rogers from the album, The Mirror Explodes.

The band formed in 1999 and ten years later are releasing The Mirror Explodes which they feel completes a period of sound for them. They are ready to try something new after this album.

The director went literal for this clip. The meditation and falling confetti on the other hand...

As can be seen below the director commented on the video. "I was just trying to make a film that was equal with the song. Equally hypnotic. Equally enigmatic. And equally beautiful".


Cornershop eyeing The Roll Off Characteristics (Of History In The Making)

Directed by Prashant Bhargava from the album, Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast.

Cornershop's music combines Indian Music, British indie rock and electronic dance. Tjinder Singh formed the band in 1992 in Leicester, England and they have gone on to be, "the most treasured of British institutions" according to Times. Yet they have gone largely unnoticed in the popular music scene.

A video that is alive and energetic as its backing track. The streets are alive with with people, the colors are vibrant the location choice shines throughout to make an entrancing music video.


Plain White T's eyeing Sunlight

From the album, Big Bad World.

The band's breakout hit Hey There Delilah earned their first Grammy nomination. The track was released on both their second and third albums, All That We Needed and Every Second Counts.

Fans love the Plain White T's...

Cage eyeing I Never Knew You

Directed by Andrew Maggio from the album, Take Control.

Shot Baker's guide to England, "they say cheers for everything instead of thanks, washing machines are in the kitchen, you don't tip the bartenders, vegetarian friendly, napkins are not popular and the T.V. show Cops is a complete opposite of the show in the U.S.

Looks like an apartment, noise complaints would abound...


Metric eyeing Sick Muse

From the album, Fantasies.

Fantasies' closing track Stadium Love was inspired by the animal kingdom. Vocalist Emily Haines saw 'bat vs. spider' written on a bulletin board in their studio which she felt exemplified the earth's fauna. From swans fighting elephants to pigs biting tigers, according to her, we are all trapped in a ridiculous Noah's Ark.

What did the tiger do?



Autumn eyeing The Heart Demands

From the album, Altitude.

Guitarist Mats van der Valk describing the band's deliberate methods to music creation, "Nowadays, you often end up with a collection of songs, some killers, some fillers. For us, every note on this album has a purpose. Every second counts, so to speak".

Not much here, performance video...

School of Seven Bells eyeing My Cabal

Directed by David Mullett from the album, Alpinisms.

During an interview with National Public Radio(NPR), the band noted that their songwriting process begins with the lyrics, before adding instruments which in their eyes only serve to supplement.

An extremely basic setup, band and green screen. After those were placed in their positions camera tricks galore were used to make the video interesting. From stretch-o-vision, fisheye lens, headtracking, could serve as an ad for a video editing company. Look at what we can do...

Snow Patrol eyeing The Planets Bend Between Us

From the album, A Hundred Million Suns.

The music video was shot in Cape Town, South Africa where the band was playing the Coke Zero Festival. Lead singer Gary Lightbody is also working on two solo projects. A "Napoleonic rock-band collaboration" titled Listen Tank and a country album, Tired Pony.

Maybe looking too much into it but the video seems to have the theme that humans affect the world around them. Beach looks great...