From The Bronx to Madina Lake

The Bronx - Knifeman: Maybe it's because it's late April, because this video puts one in the mood for the lazy summer days ahead, and the shark in the pool is simply hilarious.

Mixel Pixel - Monster Manual: If you lack the knowledge about monsters or just feel like brushing up, this is a great video. Who knew you could learn from a music video?

Matt and Kim - Lessons Learned: The inhabitants of New York probably didn't look twice at these two streaking, just another day in the Big Apple.

Metric - Help I'm Alive: Something about the video just pull you in, the random shapes and colors make for an interesting viewing experience.

Madina Lake - Never Take Us Alive: High energy video with the kids running everywhere. Seemed like they were running from those trying to change who they want to be.


Molly Jenson Ft. Greg Laswell eyeing Give It Time

Directed by Piper Ferguson from the album, Maybe Tomorrow.

Molly won best acoustic act at the San Diego Music Awards 2007.

On display for all...

Gliss eyeing Morning Light

Directed by Joel Bentow from the album, Devotion Implosion.

When playing live Gliss members play each others' instruments.

Shades of gray...


A Change of Pace eyeing In This Together

Directed by Geoff Parker from an as of yet named album.

Current lead singer Micah Bentley joined the group in 2008 after the original lead left.

Guitar strum to kickflip...


Mixel Pixel eyeing Monster Manual

Directed by Dan Meth from the album, The Mall.

Kaia Wong joined the group right before the band released their critically acclaimed album, Rainbow Panda.

Like a visual monster wiki...


Video by Björn Algers, Jonas Engbo and Erik Engbo from the album, Black Reign.

The video was recorded in Sweden and took one day to film.

Could be a shampoo commercial...

Delta Spirit eyeing People C'mon

From the album, Ode To Sunshine.

The band recorded and self produced Ode To Sunshine secluded in the San Diego mountains.

Why all the hate???


The Horrors eyeing Who Can Say

Directed by Douglas Hart from the album, Primary Colours.

The band recorded Primary Colours in a windowless studio in east London that they began questioning their sanity. [NME]

Channeling Elvis...


Faunts eyeing Feel.Love.Thinking.Of

Directed by Ryan Bosworth from the album, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.

The group's film score based EP, M4, which was released in 2007 had its title track featured in the Xbox 360 video game, Mass Effect.

Visual love therapy...

Pterodactyl eyeing December

From the album, WorldWild.

WorldWild was conceived in a motel in Pennsylvania on the band's journey to Canada.

Epileptics beware...

Green Day eyeing Know Your Enemy

Directed by Mathew Cullen from the album, 21st Century Breakdown.

Green Day is working with the National Resource Defense Council to raise awareness on America's dependency on foreign oil.

Who's watching the Green Day???


King Khan & The Shrines eyeing Land of the Freak

Directed by Prichard Smith from the album, What Is?!

King Khan created the soundtrack for the German movie, Schwarze Schafe.

Blurs the lines, when was it filmed???


Placebo eyeing For What It's Worth

Directed by Howard Greenhalgh from the album, Battle For The Sun.

The band's third studio album, Black Market Music, took the longest time to record at nine months.

Alternate labels...


The Bronx eyeing Knifeman

Directed by Justin Enright and Tyler Ford from the album, The Bronx III

Their video for the track Young Bloods didn't pass the Harding test, which ensures that video on broadcast T.V. will not cause seizures.

Underwater rock...


The Irish Front eyeing Chicago Typewriter

Directed by Rigo Lara from the album, Universe.

The band formed in Arizona and Universe is their debut album.

Warehouse rock...

Six Reasons To Kill eyeing Bleeding Stereo

Directed by Daniel Kreuter from the album, Another Horizon.

Six Reasons To Kill combined metal and hardcore while the hybrid was still in its infancy in 1999.


Nailed Coil eyeing Hands Of A Killer

Directed by Joni Karlsson from the as of yet announced album.

A majority of the band members completed military service for the Republic of Finland during 2006.

Watching the watched...


Metric eyeing Help I'm Alive

Directed by Deco Dawson from the album, Fantasies.

Fantasies debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart which highlights sales of new and developing artists.

Hearts all over...


Matt and Kim eyeing Lessons Learned

Directed by Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault from the album, Grand.

The group played a "generator show", where they played on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean with only a generator to provide power. [Bandega]

Strip walking...

Canadian Invasion eyeing Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Directed by Adam Russell from the album, Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand.

"The band has a knack for lyrics that expose the not-so-perfect side of our humanity..." [PhillyGirlAboutTown]

Thought it only showed pictures...

Slipknot eyeing Sulfur

Directed by Paul Brown from the album, All Hope is Gone.

Shawn Crahan (custom percussion) stated on MTV that this was his favorite video to shoot so far.

Hold your breath...


VersaEmerge eyeing Past Praying For

Directed by Johnathan Garseaun f rom the EP, VersaEmerge.

VersaEmerge and Three 6 Mafia collaborated on a track [in-studio video] that has yet to be released.

Rock out 'til it snows out...


Maria Taylor eyeing Cartoons and Forever Plans

From the album, LadyLuck.

Maria Taylor's music has been featured frequently on Grey's Anatomy.

Love cells...




Directed by Stefan Berlak from the album, The Enemies We Create.

"...Sole meaning of existence is to compete with and to outdo self-created bogeymen," COMMANDER on some of the concepts behing the album.


DGM eyeing Hereafter

Directed by Salvatore "Xavy" Perrone from the album, FrAme.

Vocalist Mark Basile, was recruited in February 2007 after the band held auditions in Europe, Italy and America.

Like practicing for a dance rehearsal...


Nightwish eyeing The Islander

Directed by Tuomas "Stobe" Harju from the album, Dark Passion Play.

The Finnish prime minister has confided that he is a fan of Nighwish, who might have helped them win the 2009 Muuvi awards (Finland) for "Best Music Video."




The Agonist eyeing ...and Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep

Directed by David Brodsky from the album, Lullabies for the Dormant Mind.

During the summer of 2008, the band raised money to build a medical clinic which would in turn help fight the AIDs pandemic in Kenya.

Closeups galore...


TRAPS eyeing Standard Life

Directed by Damien Cassar from the EP, Common Errors.

TRAPS performed for the first time in Melbourne during the weekend of August 31, 2008.

Living the song...


Madina Lake eyeing Never Take Us Alive

Directed by Shane Drake from the album, Attics to Eden.

Matthew Leone, bass player, came up with a concept for a three album span that would cover the disappearance of "Adalia" from a fictional town, "Madina Lake."

Tough looking mini boxers...