Evil Masquerade eyeing Desire and Pain

Directed by Morden Wolter from the album, Fade to Black.

Fade to Black was recorded under a new lineup featuring Daniel Flores on the drums and Johan Niemann on the bass. Henrik Flyman and Apollo Papathanasio were the only two from the original group.

A metal based dungeon story. Don't see many of these anymore...

God Dethroned eyeing Drowning in Mud

From the album, Passiondale.

Death metal, blackened death metal and finally melodic death metal. That has been the musical progression of God Dethroned throughout the 18 years the band has existed.

Smoking kills...

Linkin Park eyeing New Divide

Directed by Joe Hahn from the album, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Linkin Park provided more than a track for the Transformers film. New Divide will be used as a thematic element to score sections of the movie, therefore various "interpolations" were created together with world renowned composer Hans Zimmer.

Just like a Michael Bay movie slams you with explosions, the video seems to be a never ending reel of special effects. The pixel bleeding used to transition between the movie and the band works well to keep from making it just another typical movie tie in. The rest seems to try and make the clip as visually appealing as possible though it might make sense after watching the movie, the ghostly halos, etc.


Here We Go Magic eyeing Fangela

From the album, Here We Go Magic.

Luke Temple developed a new sound and name with the release of Here We Go Again, a self titled album. Luke recorded at his home over a two month period.

If you are lost watching the video, take a look at the lyrics. They make sense on paper but when translated directly to video, seems more abstract. A song from a nocturnal's point of view?

Flashguns eyeing I Don't Not Love You

Directed by Marcus Sharp and Sam Crack from the EP, Matching Hearts.

As posted on their Myspace blog, "The concept of the track is well...love...being completely infatuated with someone and not having the courage to admit your love for them".

Everything was shot tightly in the video, seemed to be nothing wider than the head to the waist could be seen. It's a great idea because as you watch it, all the touches, kisses and slaps give a reaction. There isn't much dead space to look away, you have to watch. The ordeal leaves him looking like a zombie in the last few seconds of the video...


Dananananaykroyd eyeing Black Wax

From the album, Hey Everyone.

The band's sound has been compared to Los Campesinos! based in Wales. You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos! is said to have striking similarities to Black Wax. Taking a listen to the two, one finds that Dananananaykroyd is more aggressive.

Would be a great show to attend in a nice intimate place, too bad for the creepy girl and the dog...


Korpiklaani eyeing Vodka

From the album, Karkelo.

Finnish band Korpiklaani had its roots grounded in folk music before they ventured for a metal sound. Jonne Järvelä9vocals) credits the folk metal Finntroll as the mentor that moved them from strictly folk to their current fusion work.

Could not have been a better setting for the video. The band's placement in a forest that looks like it came straight out of a children's storybook and the unique sound of the fiddle gives everything an enchanted feeling. Was there something watching in the dark?

Witchking eyeing And The Bearer Goes

Directed by Marcin Halerz from the album, Witchking.

The Polish band was formed in 2003 and recorded their debut album Witchking in 2006. Michał Żaczek formerly of Reload took the lead singer position earlier this month. He will be an integral part as the group begins recording their third album.

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice, a band and video wrapped in Tolkien's universe. In just over four minutes, the viewer is taken from the beautiful fields of the shire to the dark lands watched over by the Eye of Sauron. This would have been one great track to jam to if you were lugging the ring through Middle Earth. "All hope is set on me..."



We Were Promised Jetpacks eyeing Roll Up Your Sleeves

Directed by Mark Charlton from the album, These Four Walls.

Fans of the band living in England, or are heading there in the next few weeks can win tickets their June 18 show by clicking here. Also if you're a super fan, you can message them at their Myspace address and get the chance to receive WWPJ's phone number.

Old school South Park comes to mind at first site of the video. The "floating" paper placements help focus the viewer on the important parts of the performance. Summer is coming...

The Stills eyeing I'm With You

Directed by The Sanchez Brothers from the album, Oceans Will Rise.

Tim Fletcher(vocals), Dave Hamelin(guitar), Olivier Corbeil(bass) and Liam O'Neil(keyboards) have known each other since they were twelve years old. They formed The Stills in 2000 and released their first album, Logic Will Break Your Heart in 2003.

These two will go through anything to be with their significant other. Playing flaming instruments really shows your devotion. Even if it means walking on a bed of nails with their shoes on...

Death Vessel eyeing Circa

Directed by Scott Coffey from the album, Nothing is Precious Enough for Us.

Death Vessel is led by Joel Thibodeau, who along with a plethora of rotating musicians, make up the band. In an interview conducted by himself, he went on to say that the experience he received while playing for his first band, String Builder, allowed him to start Death Vessel with his brother. [Bandega]

Like a mermaid video without the mermaids. The entire video takes place underwater with what looks like a water dance between two people. The female character is more like a ghost since the male seems to be looking for her. He resurfaces with no one in tow...



The Killers eyeing A Dustland Fairytale

Directed by Anthony Mandler from the album, Day & Age.

It's great to take pride in one's work but it can sometime be too much. Brandon Flowers(vocals) claimed that Sam's Town, the band's second album was the best work of the past twenty years. It went on to receive mixed reviews from fans and critics though it still did well in the charts, debuting at the second spot on Billboard's charts.

Back we go to the days of greased hair and the always available pocket knife. The sound that the track has seems to be disconnected from the feel of the video. Feels like you either pay attention to the song or watch the video. When a Killer's track is played, the 50's don't quite come to mind...

Escape the Fate eyeing 10 Miles Wide

From the album, This War Is Ours.

Ronnie Radke(former lead singer) and Max Green(bass) used Myspace to complete the vision for their band. They then went on to win a radio contest that placed them as the opening act for My Chemical Romance, which in turn led to a record deal with Epitaph records.

Straight out of the imaginary rock and roll handbook of life, the structure for "10 Miles Wide" was found. Girls and more girls, and even a very weak parody of "Snakes On a Plane." Ron Jeremy was on that flight, would not want to be the cleanup crew...


Depeche Mode eyeing Peace

Directed by Jonas & Francois from the album, Sounds of the Universe.

Depeche Mode have left quite a lasting influence on many in the music world including Coldplay and Radiohead. Thom Yorke connected with Depeche Mode's album Violator while Coldplay released a cover version of one of their videos. They took the themes for the music video for the track Enjoy the Silence(Violator) and released an alternate version for their own single Viva La Vida.

Romanian actress Maria Dinulescu plays her role convincingly as a female in the army. One rarely sees coverage of this perspective of the armed forces making it more eye opening than most carrying the same theme. For the weight the video carries, too bad DM had to throw in some product placement...

Pop Evil eyeing 100 in a 55

Directed by Jason Honeycutt from the album, Lipstick on the Mirror.

Lipstick on the Mirror was originally released August 2008 but was re-released in May 2009 after the band signed a deal with Universal Records. A new track and two acoustic pieces of their previous work were part of the new package.

Another one in the long line of dust filled rock videos. One of the few times that it makes sense since one of the characters works in the desert locale. The truck sections of the video bring back memories of the original Rock Band commercial...


Mastodon eyeing Oblivion

Directed by Robert Schober (Roboshobo) from the album, Crack The Skye.

Mastodon has had quite a presence in the video game world lately. Their tracks have appeared on both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. They even advertised for the game Army of Two with their cover version of One by Harry Nillson.

The same high gloss look carries on from their previous video with the same director. A continuation of the exploration that the characters were carrying out before hand, this time things heading south for the crew. How many will see the end of the journey?

Patrick Watson eyeing Fireweed

Directed by Patrick Watson from the album, Wooden Arms.

Patrick Watson was nominated for a best new artist Juno Award in 2007. He went on to win the Polaris Music Prize that year. A Canadian award for the best full length album based on its artistic merit, not sales or any other factors.

A solitary man runs with a fire on his back. He collapses and yet somehow survives. This is only the first of two allusions to fireweed's ability to rejuvenate. The location for the shoot seemed to be in a volcanic area, giving a moonscape look to the landscape. It makes what happens at the end fitting, for it is otherworldly...

Philadelphia Grand Jury eyeing Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night)

Directed by Nic McKenzie from the EP, Philadelphia Grand Jury.

Dan Sweat(drummer) took on MC Bad Genius(bass,keys guitar) because of the type of haircut he was getting(?).

Great theme to have at a kids birthday party...


Harmony eyeing Prevail

Directed by René U Valdes from the album, Chapter II: Aftermath.

The band, based in Sweden, was formed in 2000 and was signed to Massacre Records two years later. After releasing their debut album Dreaming Awake in 2003, they were on hiatus until their current release Chapter II: Aftermath.

Performance video + lens flare = ....



Empire of the Sun eyeing Standing on the Shore

Directed by Josh Logue from the album, Walking on a Dream.

Empire of the Sun had a both a visual and musical aspect in mind while writing the album. "We wanted to make it flamboyant and colorful and make it real entertainment. We sort of took a page from Kanye’s book on that one. His music is great, but he also adds another layer that makes it so much more". [Prefix]

Water and fire battle in a war many never knew existed. As expected, they all move together in harmony, never really doing anything before water throws is a dirty trick. Water and electricity when apart potentially dangerous, when together, beware...


Dinosaur Jr. eyeing Over it

Directed by Marke Locke from the album, Farm.

The Dinosaur Jr. name was put to rest in 1999 after many of the original members had either left or retired. They reunited in 2005 releasing their first album, Beyond, - with the original three members since 1988 involved - two years later.

If all the tricks were pulled off by the band, kudos. Its great to know that the likes of Tony Hawk won't have an age excuse to why they are not pulling off crazy lines. This leaves room open for X Games, the I'm not over it yet edition...

Chairlift eyeing Bruises

Directed by Timothy Saccenti from the album, Does You Inspire You.

Live music for haunted houses was the original musical goal for Chairlift. They worked beyond that, releasing Does You Inspire You, which features Bruises. A track many know from the Apple iPod commercials.

The interpretation of the video seems to have come out of left field at first glance. A group of people spying on each other turns into a game of spin the bottle and seems to continue from there. When looking back at the lyrics, one can see where the director got their inspiration from...


Killswitch Engage eyeing Starting Over

Direccted by Lex Halaby from the album, Killswitch Engage.

Jesse Leach, former lead singer for the band, quit via email in 2002. Howard Jones, formerly of Blood Has Been Shed, took the lead position. Later that year, drummer Tom Gomes, left to pursue other interests replaced by Justin Foley formerly of Blood Has Been Shed and Red Tide.

Hard to follow the video since the theme of the song is renewal, how come they end up where they began? And the night time driving shots seemed to be there to fill time. Running toward each other to take us further away...

This Is A Shakedown! eyeing Circles

Direceted by Bryan Porter from the album, Love Kills.

The Cleveland, Ohio based band came together in early 2008. During the course of the year, they were signed to Reversed Image Unlimited with Love Kills as their debut album.

It's great to see bands take the reigns over their own destinies and either self produce work or reach for avenues such as the 99 dollar music video system. In this case TIAS! went the free route and the final product is noteworthy. Though it is a performance video with relatively bargain basement effects, it still does its job. They say they used 21 Mac Books to shoot it, which means there was a lot of creative placement of the laptop cameras...