Týr eyeing Hold the Heathen Hammer High video

Directed by Silvan Büge from the album, By the Light of the Northern Star.

The Faroe Islands, home to Týr, fits well with the themes the band uses in their music. Their newest release is their fifth album to date. You can download the Hold the Heathen Hammer Here video here.

The viking imagery was there with the ship and the rowers but the drummer decides to throw it off with his shirt. It seems they decided to spend zero on wardrobe for the band, therefore they had them go shirtless. The drummer, maybe feeling insecure, keeps his shirt on and the entire mood of the video goes overboard(haha?)

Roche Limit eyeing My Friend Ship

Directed by Dave Righton from the album, Sometimes We Must Change Shape.

Roche Limit is Dave Righton, a one man band based in Canada. The music video, created using Google Sketchup , cost Righton 11 U.S. dollars to create, with the only cost being the tape he used to record his creation. [Roche]

This goes to show that sometimes money doesn't always get you the best video. Google Sketchup is a CAD program that was used to create a visually unique piece of work. The only thing that's out of place was the 3D text used that looked like it came straight out of MS Word. If Righton keeps it up, his production costs will be very low...


The Offspring eyeing Stuff is Messed Up video

Directed by F. Scott Schafer and Sean Evans from the album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.

The band's smash hit album, Smash, was remastered and re-released in April last year. The album, which was originally released in 1994, is still the highest selling indie label album of all time.

Don't judge a book by its cover, or judge all the way, according to this music video. The scene(1:25) with the female bodybuilder and the pageant girl is extremely disturbing for some reason...

Omega Lithium eyeing Stigmata video

From the album, Dreams in Formaline.

Dreams in Formaline is the band's debut album and will be released on Drakkar Records. The band signed to the record label earlier this month.

Vivid imagery awaits those who watch the video below, as vivid as the color grey can become. The set pieces were intricately designed, kudos if it was all CG for the artist captured the gothic look and feel extremely well. Don't drink the drink...

Julie Doiron eyeing Consolation Prize video

Directed by Tim McDonough from the album, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day.

As a Canadian, Julie Doiron's home fans take pride in her work. So much so that the mayor of Bruno in Saskatchewan province named June 7, "Julie Doiron Day". As part of the ceremony, she was awarded a bench. [Exclaim]
Download Consolation Prize here. [Link provided on artist's website]

The video follows everyone's childhood nightmare, the visit to the dentist. Julie Doiron didn't leave her teeth for the tooth fairy to collect like most other kids, she buried them in her backyard. For some reason she decided to retrace her steps to find where she buried them and comes up with a strange surprise. Beware the tooth clones...

The Dead Weather eyeing Treat Me Like Your Mother video

Directed by Jonathan Glazer from the album, Horehound.

Fans of all degrees can join The Dead Weather's, "The Vault," and depending on your fandom(money spent) you will be receiving unique material in your mail. The social networking style site is run by the band's label, Third Man Records. Those who sign up for the maximum $20 fee, quarterly Third Man 12"s and the occasional limited 7" will be coming your way.

The video builds and builds and then it just ends. The two characters are horrendous shots, and who plays chicken with guns anyway? Quite disappointed overall, the production level was high but the visual story was missing, unless I missed something...

Suicide Silence eyeing Wake Up video

Directed by David Brodsky from the album, No Time to Bleed.

Mitchell Luker(vocals) is featured on the cover of the July 21st issue of Revolver magazine. It is the band's first metal magazine cover.

An extreme drug therapy session is witnessed in this video. It's extremely simple, scream in someone' face, but it could be effective. If nothing else, this would be a great track for an alarm...


The Veils eyeing Begin Again video

Directed by Sean Gratton from the album, Sun Gangs.

Three weeks after the release of Sun Gangs in April 2009, Henning Dietz(drummer), left the band after the birth of his daughter.

Disturbing images fill this faux news report style video. The interweaving between the lyrics and the stock footage is done quite well. And some of the clips are disturbing, those with weak stomachs beware. At the end of the video, it's almost like the director is saying, with all that's going on, there's still peace out there...

Farewell Continental eyeing Do You Wanna Tangle? video

Directed by Shane Nelson from the EP, Farewell Continental.

As can be seen on the band's Myspace, "Feel free to support us or not...Our goal is to have a perpetual bank balance of $0".

Is this what happens if you try to leave a band? The video shows one of the reasons some bands seem to somehow come back together after a feud. They have this hanging over their head. Or it could be an allusion to the music business where it seems to be play and make money or we could care less...