Elvis Perkins in Dearland eyeing Chains, Chains, Chains video

Directed by Sean Pecknold from the album, Elvis Perkins in Dearland.

The current album release is Elvis Perkins' second, first with the backing band. His first album Ash Wednesday chronicled the passing of his mother. This was some of the reasoning used when making the new album, he needed to move away from the deeper material of his previous work.

This is one of those videos you watch through and at the end, simply say to yourself, O.K. It wasn't necessarily boring, the imagery just makes you think. Are you seeing what you think you're seeing? The seamless integration of the props make for unique stretches of wonderment.

Spinnerette eyeing Baptized by Fire video

Directed by Chris Hopewell from the album, Spinnerette.

Brody Dalle former vocalist for the Australian band, The Distillers, described her new band's sound as Chinese rock, folk doom and Gaelic disco. And as a side note for M&M's fans, her favourite color is yellow. [Shakefire]

The sea backdrop and ship props fit well to the backing track. Too bad she wasn't literally on a boat sailing away, instead of singing around a beached, decrepit boat. It would have given the video a more uplifting feel which the song does well.


The Promise Hero eyeing Wait For The Sun video

Directed by Steve Tsentserensky from the album, Wait For The Sun.

Wait For The Sun is the band's debut album. They used the same director for their previous video Hearbreak Baby.

The saturated colors give in the performance section gives the video a cartoony look, matching the background behind the band. You know your life is low when your cardboard car won't start...


Dirty Projectors eyeing Stillness is the Move video

Directed by Matthew Lessner from the album, Bitte Orca.

Bitte Orca is the band's first album released under the Domino Records label. Seemingly taking advantage on new found publishing opportunities, their new album was released on every single medium currently available, including cassette.

There isn't a lot that happens on screen, but for some reason just couldn't stop watching. This experimental rock band decided to try their hand at some choreography in the video and feigned some kind of wolf attack that turns out to be extremely benign when one realizes what the animal actually was. The llama and its handler look quite contemplative at 3:20...

There For Tomorrow eyeing A Little Faster video

Directed by Variable Films from the album, A Little Faster.

Not surprisingly some of the band's influences include, Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World. They also participated in the Punk Goes Pop 2 compilation album,performing their rendition of Omarion's Icebox, a heavily defined R&B track.

In this day and age one would think we would move away from the, girl with glasses is not attractive, idea. Everyone knows the right pair can do the trick. Apart from that stayed piece of storytelling, the intro felt very energetic. The "300" like cuts really added to the generic performance section.

Story of the Year eyeing Terrified video

From the album, The Black Swan.

The band's third release, The Black Swan, felt like a total renewal for the band. So much so that they switched to Epitaph records. The album's name comes from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book of the same title.

Touching tribute to the soldiers serving. May they return safe.

Jet eyeing She's A Genius video

Directed by Krozm from the album, Shaka Rock.

Jet fans who have an iPhone can play She's A Genius on Tap Tap Revenge 2. The track was played at a secret show late 2008, where the album name and artwork were revealed for the first time.

Girl's a genius for wearing the outfit, who knew no one would notice such a thing riding a round the streets.


Deerhoof eyeing My Purple Past video

Directed by Asha Schechter from the album, Offend Maggie.

The album art for Offend Maggie was created by artist Tomoo Gokita. The band met him while playing at the NADA Art Fair in Miami, Florida. They were browsing the works available when they came across his pieces.

One forgets the vast array of devices that we use as music sources. We observe a slideshow of different tools, from a record player to a boombox. There was also coincidence in the environments where the music players were used. The computer hooked to the CRT looked like a dorm room(no money for upgrade) and the simple white Hi-Fi like machine was found in the sterile confines of a kitchen. There was also no mistaking the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch mixed in with the other fruit.

Ninetail eyeing Half Truths & Hand Grenades video

Directed by Eric Bess from the album, Half Truths & Hand Grenades.

Ninetail played the Project Independent Pennsylvania State Invitational in 2007, a festival showcasing underground metal acts. Their work was included in a compilation CD leading to their eventual crowning as the "2008 Project Independent Featured Artist of the Year".

The video starts out promising, looking like a concept video of high yield investigatory tactics. It then turns into another cookie cutter warehouse video with some escape scenes interspersed. He pulled the pin but no explosion...

A Grave With No Name eyeing Stone Setting video

Directed by Anupa Madawela from the A Grave With No Name EP.

One of the simplest "about me" sections on Myspace, "These are some songs that I recorded in my bedroom. Hope you don't think they suck too bad".

We start out with a closeup of a wall, eventually zooming out to what look like the microscopic components of whatever is on the wall. Those with a "heightened" sense of visual input might find a greater appeal for the video...

Wild Beasts eyeing Hooting & Howling video

Directed by Ruth Render from the album, Two Dancers.

Two Dancers is the band's second album release, their second under Domino Records. Those interested can download the Debukas Remix here for the track Hooting & Howling.

The song speaks to the chase, the one from guys toward girls. It tends to be slow and calculated, just like the video. Sometime the aggressor just needs to lay back and think it through...

Graham Coxon eyeing In The Morning video

Directed by Chris Hopewell from the album, The Spinning Top.

Graham Coxon is the lead singer for the English band Blur. Three solo albums were released while still working with the band. The Spinning Top is his seventh solo album release.

Field shots abound in a great tie in to the folksy track. And just like folk music, the video is simple without any fluff.