Atreyu eyeing Blow

From the album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor.

Lead Sails Paper Anchor was the band's first release under Hollywood Records after three previous releases with Victory Records.

Look out for Harry Potter testing his drumming skills...

Praying Mantis eyeing Turn The Tide

From the album, Sanctuary.

The band has been releasing a new album every 2-3 years since 1990, after declining in popularity in the 1980s and managing to surge back with the help of their strong Japanese fan base.

Intentional or not, the directing style makes the video seem like it came from the early 1990s. Those who have followed them since the 70s, is it good to go retro or keep up with times?

Warbringer eyeing Severed Reality

From the album Waking Into Nightmares.

Early Slayer, Demolition Hammer, and Kreator are some of Warbringer's thrash influences. Heavy and fast is how they play, with a death metal undertone through it all.

Very rarely does one come across a thrash video that is non-performance, this is not one of them...

Little Joy eyeing Next Time Around

Directed by Marcela Amarante de Castro Nev from the album, Little Joy by Little Joy.

Little Joy was originally a Brazilian and American blend with Rodrigo Amarante (singer/guitarist) of Los Hermanos, a pop rock band based in Brazil, and Fabrizio Moretti, drummer for The Strokes. They eventually met Binki Shapiro, completing the triumvirate that is Little Joy.

Amazing how camera choice can affect the final product, if everything was nice and sharp in HD, the feeling of a yesteryear beach clip would be lost. It was a Bolex...


Immaculate Machine eyeing Sound the Alarms

Directed by Jon Flahr from the album, High On Jackson Hill.

Ones and Zeros, the band's debut on Mint Records, was translated into French by band leader Brooke Gallupe who is a graduate of French literature, it was met with "puzzled enthusiasm".

A faux one shot video; great art by the bassist kept everything moving, with the transitions hiding behind the picture frames, and the reflection at the end...


One-Way Mirror eyeing Empty Spaces

Directed by Ben and Julien Deka from the album, One-Way Mirror.

All five members of One-Way Mirror were part of their own bands, slowly becoming friends and eventually, casting off their former groups to form one that brought all their specific music influences together.

The theme seems to be whatever we do to change ourselves, even as drastic as literally killing ourselves, we can never escape...

Telekinesis eyeing Awkward Kisser

Directed by Spencer Redmond Gentz from the album, Telekinesis!

Telekinesis is Michael Lerner's (vocals, guitar, and drums) baby who has Chris Staples (guitar), David Broecker (electric, acoustic & bass guitar), and Jonie Broecker (bass guitar & keyboards) join him since it would be impossible for someone to play all those parts at once.

Anyone would have an awkward time kissing someone who looked like that, would be interesting to see how he would introduce her to the parents...


Pain eyeing Monkey Business

Filmed by Denis Goria from the album, Cynic Paradise.

Initially the group was heavily influenced by Depeche Mode but adopted the idea of branching out on their own musical path, straddling metal with far flung genres such as techno. Monkey Business was filmed while they were touring with Nightwish whose frontwoman Anette Olzon, collaborated on the track Follow Me from Cynic Paradise.

The concert video is a standard for all rock and metal music videos though this one seems to have an infatuation with filming people in "delicate" situations...


Florence & The Machine eyeing Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

Directed by Tom Beard and Tabitha from the album, Lungs.

2009 BRITs Critics' Choice award winners Florence and the Machine consists of Florence Welch (vocalist), whose favorite band is the White Stripes and is backed by The Machine consisting of Robert Ackroyd (guitar), Christopher Lloyd Hayden (drums), Isabella Summers (keyboards) and Tom Monger (harp).

Renaissance era funerals look quite enjoyable, singing and choreography included...



Savoir Adore eyeing MERP

Directed by Matthew Semel from the album, In The Wooded Forest.

Savoir Adore was created by Deidre Muro(keyboards) and Paul Hammer(drums) who are based in New York City and would gladly give up their marquee spot for another NYC band, French Horn Rebellion. [L Magazine]

Magical instruments, nice; so far one of the most creative uses of stop motion that has come across these parts...

Jarvis Cocker eyeing Angela

From the album, Further Complications.

Jarvis Crocker was frontman for the British band Pulp which went on an extended hiatus in 2001.

A one man show that drew quite a crowd, too bad the band was tucked away in a room...



Mute Math eyeing Spotlight (Twilight Mix)

Directed by Brandon Goodwin from the EP, Spotlight.

The video took twelve minutes to shoot, was one take and the band nailed it on the first shot.

Literally taking your music on the road...

A Rocket to the Moon eyeing If Only They Knew

From the EP, Greetings From...

Justin Richards (guitar) and Eric Halvorsen (bass guitar) are the newest members of A Rocket to the Moon whom along with Nick Santino (vocals) were the opening band for Alternative Press Magazine AP Tour 2009.

Bubbles and water balloon fights...


Vivian Girls eyeing Moped Girls

Directed by Brady Hall from the 7", Moped Girls.

Ali Koehler who replaced Frankie Rose on drums and Kickball Katy (bass/drums/vocals) both smelled like sour cream and milk after the music video was shot.

She paper bagged herself...


Kamelot eyeing Love You to Death

Directed by Ivan Colic from the album, Ghost Opera.

Love You to Death featured the guest vocals of Amanda Somerville, who is known for her collaboarations with European metal bands.

'til death...


The Heavy eyeing Oh No! Not You Again!

Swaby and Taylor, founding members of The Heavy, started out with an Atari and four track before filling the drums and bass positions. Download the single here. [Link provided on band's website]

Mummies and werewolves don't mix...


Amorphis eyeing Silver Bride

Directed by Owe Lingvall from the album, Skyforger.

The Kalevala, a book and epic poem consisiting of nineteeth century Finnish and Karelian folklore, is a source for many of Amorphis' lyrics.

Made to order brides...


Rancid eyeing Last One To Die

From the album, Let the Dominoes Fall.

Let the Dominoes Fall debuts Branden Steineckert on the drums after the depature of Brett Reed.

Not the best lead off track, sounds, content...

311 eyeing Hey You

Directed by Joe Lynch from the album, Uplifter.

As fans may or may not know, the "311" band name came from an indecent exposure ticket Jim Watson -guitarist who left the band- received for skinny dipping.

A sign spinner battle...



Damion Suomi eyeing Archer Women

Directed by Josh McKague from the album, Damion Suomi.

Damion Suomi was a member of a pop rock band before turning to write and perform Irish rooted folk songs.

Definition of a low earth impact video...


Tara Jane O'Neil eyeing A Vertiginous One

Directed by Zak Margolis from the album, A Ways Away.

Tara Jane O'Neil's first album, Peregrine, was recorded in the bathtub of her apartment. [K Records]

We all leave something with our pets...


Tori Amos eyeing Fire To Your Plain

From the album, Abnormally Attracted To Sin.

At age 11, Tori Amos lost her scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory of Music, a highly regarded cultural center, because of here interest in rock and popular music versus the sheet music taught at the school.

Can tell there's a story somewhere...


Tiny Masters Of Today eyeing Pop Chart

Directed by Evan Bernard from the album, Skeletons.

The young band has been compared to the likes of The Ramones, Pixies and DEVO.

Bootleg sex tape...


Augie March eyeing Farmer's Son

Directed by Jasmin Tarasin from the album, Watch Me Disappear.

Glenn Richards (vocalist), is a highly regarded songwriter in Australia known for disregarding rhythm and metre in his writing.



Hoobastank ft. Vanessa Amorosi eyeing The Letter

Directed by P.R. Brown from the album, Fornever.

Vanessa Amorosi is an Australian artist known for a vocal range that can cover
many genres of music.

Nowadays people leave goodbye texts...


The Gossip eyeing Heavy Cross

From the album, Music for Men.

Omnipresent producer, Rick Rubin, produced The Gossip's Heavy for Men.

Image assault...


Earth Crisis eyeing To Ashes

Directed by David Brodsky from the album, To The Death.

The band brokeup in 2001 and reunited in 2007, making To The Death their first album since 2001.

Help those in need...


Silverstein ft. Liam Cormier eyeing Vices

Directed by Robby Starbuck from the album, A Shipwreck in the Sand.

A Shipwreck in the Sand is the band's fist concept album following three studio albums.

What's yours???