Feist - The Water: The fact that not a single word is spoken allows for all the emotion of the song to shine through; the actors' acting skills are a great visual aide to carry it along.

Franz Nicolay - Jeff Penalty: The video seems to be "raw," as if just thrown together but all the pieces fit within an artistic realm giving it a great up tempo vibe that goes great with the song.

Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler: Always interesting when the direction of the video is literally the title of the song. It looks like a horror film but the track makes it all seem like good fun!

PROFANE OMEN - Left to Disintegrate: Always so much energy in metal music, which lends itself to why they tend to use performance videos since it gives a small feeling of being at the concert.

FM Static - Boy Moves To Town With An Optimistic Outlook: Good decision to go with an animated video bringing back memories of morning cartoons that brings the viewer closer to the story of the song.