From The Bronx to Madina Lake

The Bronx - Knifeman: Maybe it's because it's late April, because this video puts one in the mood for the lazy summer days ahead, and the shark in the pool is simply hilarious.

Mixel Pixel - Monster Manual: If you lack the knowledge about monsters or just feel like brushing up, this is a great video. Who knew you could learn from a music video?

Matt and Kim - Lessons Learned: The inhabitants of New York probably didn't look twice at these two streaking, just another day in the Big Apple.

Metric - Help I'm Alive: Something about the video just pull you in, the random shapes and colors make for an interesting viewing experience.

Madina Lake - Never Take Us Alive: High energy video with the kids running everywhere. Seemed like they were running from those trying to change who they want to be.