In This Moment eyeing Call Me video

Directed by Nathan T. Heys from the album, The Dream- Special Edition.

Some random In This Moment trivia. Maria Brink's(vocalist) first tattoo was of an infinity sign, symbolizing the connection between Maria and her son. Sheri Bodell creates the dresses Maria wears on stage, though she sometimes creates her own from vintage shop purchases. [changetherecord]

Taking a cue from the original Blondie music video, Maria lies seductively on a round bed belting out the band's cover version. As with the original, the backing instruments are thrown in through performance footage. These shots feature green screen work that look like they were left to the last minute. The blurred edges on the white background are quite distracting when the video just cut from the standalone shots of Maria. Few times where you have a cover song and video...